BREAKING: Federal Courts Won’t Rule.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – No decision has been made today in federal court regarding the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline near Cannon Ball, N.D.

Judge James E. Boarsberg says the main legal issue is the consultation factor between the Tribes & Army Corps of Engineers.

Boarsberg said he will issue his opinion by September 9 and an appeal hearing has been set for September 14 if the Tribes or Corps of Engineers is unhappy with the decision.

Via KFYR. There was noise a couple of days ago that the judge thinks we need more time to just talk things over with the AC of Engineers. Apparently, he’s decided to be utterly oblivious to the months of talks that did go on, when the AC of Engineers assured the people of Standing Rock that they understood the issues, and were sensitive to them. Well, we’ve seen that so-called sensitivity, and we’ve seen the lies. No, Judge Boarsberg, this is not something we can settle over tea. And this is really important to remember:

This is the truth, I see it every day. Dakota Access swore on their black heart they would stop until the court hearing, but they have not stopped. The only thing they stopped was drilling under the Missouri River. Everything else is going ahead, in spite of the thousands of people at the camps and everywhere else. The interstate from where I live is lined with massive pipe, holes and ditches being dug everywhere. They have no intention of stopping, because all they ever do is lie. Please, if you can, get this news out if you can, please. I’m begging. Mainstream Media is still busy pretending we don’t exist, and they aren’t about to cover Dakota Access lying their asses off about stopping work.

WE ARE NOT GIVING UP. WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BLOW OVER. RISE, STAND WITH US. We should not have to fight for healthy earth, clean water, and clean air. We should not have to fight for these things for all the generations to come. We must protect our earth, we must protect our people. All of us, every single one of us, let us raise our voices in unity and strength. We have the right to say no. Join the resistance, come to the camps if you can. If you can’t, donate money, supplies, a few moments of your wireless to get the the word out, whatever you can do. It matters. Every action matters. Every word matters. You matter. Make a difference.

Support Sacred Stone Camp. Legal Fund Help. Rezpect Our WaterSign the Petition. Sign urgent petition. And please, please, signal boost as much as you can, spread the word – mainstream media is still acting like nothing is going on, and I saw one new MSM article today, and it was covering the 3rd day in August! This has been going on since April, and even now, media can’t manage to be remotely current. Help them out by doing their job for them, since they can’t seem to handle it. Thank you!

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