Feds Grant TRO Against Standing Rock Members.


Federal Court Grants TRO against Standing Rock Members in SLAPP Suit related to Dakota Access Pipeline

Here are the materials in Dakota Access LLC v. Archambault (D.N.D.):

1 Complaint

4 Motion for TRO

7 DCT Order Granting TRO

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  1. Siobhan says

    I apparently missed the asterisk in the whole “Freedom of Assembly” business that specified freedom is a whites-only thing.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    From the court order: “Dakota Access contends it will suffer irreparable injury if the Defendants continue to interfere with its construction of the Pipeline.”

    Are there any others who will very likely suffer “irreparable injury” if the pipeline is built and used. (intentionally no question mark)

  3. L. Minnik says

    That’s awful.
    Hope that there are still ways to fight this. There’s got to be more people who care and could help.

  4. says

    L. Minnik:

    Hope that there are still ways to fight this. There’s got to be more people who care and could help.

    More people were being bussed in last week, but I don’t know the current status of Sacred Stone Camp. We won’t give up on this, a legal case is still being mounted, not that I’m going to be overly optimistic here. When it comes to oil, courts don’t much care about things like clean water, quality of life, and things like this:

    “We have worked for two years to block this access based on Section 106 of the Federal Historical Preservation Act that states tribes can attach cultural and religious significance to a site. Army Corps of Engineers is in direct violation of this law. ACOE did not conduct public hearings. They did not include any Tribes that may have cultural ties to the area to join the consultation.

    “Just south of this site, there is a long-standing eagle nesting ground,” Eagle continued. “Also, the pipeline is going underneath a known Mandan village. Mandan people are known to bury their dead within their earth lodges, so I believe that this construction will disturb those graves. The ACOE did not consult with Tribes to produce the Area of Potential Effect (A.P.E.). They ignored this consultation and declared that there were no ‘adverse effects’ to the property. It is our contention that their archeologists do not have the knowledge and cultural sensitivity to make this determination. These are our ancestral homelands, and this is what the Tribe is taking issue with.”

    While nation leadership mounts its legal case, tribal members continue their peaceful protest.

    Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/08/15/support-grows-despite-arrests-dakota-access-pipeline-protest-165472

  5. Morgan!? ♥ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    And ignorant people wonder about the genesis of violence and terrorism. When people are harmed and all other forms of protest or redress are exhausted without mitigating or preventing further harm, people resort to the only remaining avenues. It is so damn obvious, and so damn sad. As I have said a zillion times… There will be blood in the streets.

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