Adding Insult to Injury.

August 18th, 2016. Reuters.

August 18th, 2016. Reuters. reports:

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier of Morton County has been largely responsible for law enforcement at the site and he has accused protesters of shooting guns, carrying weapons and even threatening to use pipe bombs against his officers. But tribal members told The New York Times that the “bombs” were mistaken for sacred Chanunpa pipes used in ceremonies.

It’s bad enough the feds and “homeland security” has decided to lie about why they pulled the camps’ water supply and air conditioned trailer. This wouldn’t have anything to do with intimidation and force, oh no. *spits* And seriously, Chanunpa are pipe bombs? Please, the last thing we need is stupid cop paranoia.


Support Sacred Stone Camp. Legal Fund Help. Rezpect Our WaterSign the Petition. Sign urgent petition. And Washington DC people, don’t forget – the hearing is tomorrow! Susan Sarandon has tweeted that she will be there, among many others.

Live news from the camp, I’ll update when possible.


  1. AlexanderZ says

    If they’re blocking the shit trucks just dump that load next to the police outpost. I’m pretty sure no-one will see the difference.

  2. says

    To be fair -- the media only paid attention to Bundy because they were hoping there would be blood and a hail of bullets. So maybe the lack of cameras is an indicator that they aren’t expecting violence?

  3. says


    So maybe the lack of cameras is an indicator that they aren’t expecting violence?

    No, that’s not it. Now that the feds and homeland security are playing dirty, pulling water, blocking shit trucks, having armed helicopters and planes flying overhead, still no media. There was no media when cops in SD were unlawfully stopping people from traveling to the camps. I can’t even keep up with the flow of information, but all this should be any journalists wet dream, especially television media.

    It’s what I said in a thread at Pharyngula: No, because Native lives never matter, not in a play, not in history books, and not in life, and not today.

  4. says

    Everyone’s head is so far up oil’s ass, they are taking their orders and cues from oil, and oil don’t want us around, they don’t anyone to know, they don’t want anyone to be outraged.

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