I had not heard of this thing, before, but apparently it’s a new fad: cake that looks like non-cake.

I do not know who to credit these to, which is a shame because there’s serious artistry being applied.


  1. says

    The bad thing all these cakes is that they really don’t look like you want to eat that cake.
    I love baking, and while American channels like Yolanda from How to Cake it produce amazing looking results, the cake inside is usually just vanilla or chocolate with tons of butter cream.
    Where’s the fruit? The nuts, the flavour? Where are the different textures and the spices?

  2. says

    Yes, cartomancer, the cake IS a lie.

    Giliell, in the US, we get most flavor/texture from frosting and toppings. And sometimes, just plain cake with bland vanilla frosting is okay, too. We’re just not that sophisticated over here.

  3. says

    I think American cooking/baking is much better than its reputation (well, it couldn’t be worse than its reputation), but for those cakes, different baking traditions sure seem to play a role. Mind you, I love buttercream like the next girl, but I don’t want just buttercream.

  4. dangerousbeans says

    I’m with Giliell, all these cakes look really boring. Where’s the lemon polenta syrup cake with pistachios on top?

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