Only if Bozo the Clown is Not Available

Now that Trump has fired Comey, who’s his likely replacement?

If Trump follows his habit of putting the worst possible person in for the job, then it’s got to be Rudi Giuliani.

That would be the equivalent of burning the FBI and plowing the ground with salt. But I think Bozo The Clown is more qualified than Rudi Giuliani.

Any guesses? Joe Arpaio? Chuck Norris? Place your bets!


  1. johnson catman says

    I commented (sarcastically) over at Caine’s blog that maybe Sheriff David Clarke would get a spot in 45’s administration now.

  2. komarov says

    I have a radical proposal that should go well with the Republican’s ideas about small government and budget cutting: Agency muscial chairs. Instead of hiring new people, just move old ones around. Missing an agency director? Assign one from another agency. Then, when that agency starts falling apart, assign a new director from another agency or department, and so on.

    This can be extended to any and all personnel of the lower ranks, too. CIA short on agents? Borrow some NASA administrative staff. They’d probably welcome the change of pace. Short on rocket scientists? Why not send over the Housing-guy Trump appointed? I hear he was a neurosurgeon which is almost as good. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine the savings that could be made!

  3. says

    $10 on Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    After the French rejected Le Pen? No way! Chachi has a better chance than that cheese-eating surrender monkey.

  4. says

    Reginald Selkirk@#9:
    I agree, that Seagal would be a better candidate than Norris.
    Which means Trump would be more likely to pick Norris?