More Horsing Around on Amazon

I occasionally do silly things with surrealist cosplay and sometimes I seek inspiration in various weird places. Usually that’s “people who liked this also liked…” on Amazon or Ebay and sometimes it takes me to strange places.

On this one[amazon], I happened to notice “pictures by our customers” – and that there were a lot of them. They’re quite good!

I thought this was an excellent composition, with lots of dynamic tension:

This one perfectly takes advantage of the look of gormless surprise on the mask’s face:

Once again, feminists ruin everything:

Alcohol and Pills:

As it happened, I had a model in the studio a few days later, the beautiful Colin, and we were  shooting “business guy” stock for a friend’s project. So we quickly banged off a couple pictures with the horse mask:

First day at the new job. What do you mean “pull a cart?” Huh? (mjr, 2008)



  1. kestrel says

    LOL – I’d totally hire that horse! He looks very professional. The one on the bridge is really good too.

    For some reason, this makes me think of these fly masks for horses:

    (For those who don’t know: you put these on the horse to protect them from flies. Although it looks like they could not see out of them, they are made of mesh and the horse can see through them quite clearly.)

  2. Owlmirror says

    this makes me think of these fly masks for horses:

    When I saw “fly masks”, I actually expected compound fly eyes on the masks. And I am a bit disappointed that no-one seems to have made one that I could easily find (the closest was this).

    Hm, Marcus could put one of those on his horse mask. Oh, and then get an actual insectile fly mask for humans, and have them face off. “Horse fly-mask” vs “horsefly mask”.

    Double recursively meta!

  3. kestrel says

    Owlmirror, what a great idea! You could make some dough with that one I think! It’s the sort of thing that *I* would put on my horses…