Essence of Dog

I don’t believe in god, but I sure believe in dog.

These are incredible artworks, by “Holy Smoke”

WHEN THE WELSH ARTIST known as Holy Smoke was seven, her father taught her how to sew. Years later, inspired by a photograph of an embalmed Egyptian dog, she put that skill to good use when she took her art in a new direction, creating the first of what has become a substantial collection of sculpted dogs. Working in layers of natural linen and vintage fabrics, using wire, needles and thread as her tools, Holy Smoke creates textile sculptures that one reviewer likened to “three-dimensional sketching.” [catalog]

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It is impossible for someone to have made these without knowing and loving dogs to an incredible degree. They’re so evocative I expect them to smell like dog.

As a photographer, I have to admire the lighting.

As a dog-lover who has lost his loves, I am speechless.


  1. kestrel says

    You know, at first I thought this was going to be about someone who spun dog hair into yarn.

    This is SO very cool! And to me anyway, way cooler than spun dog hair. (Although that is cool too, just not as cool as these sculptures.)

  2. says

    I knew a guy who had a sweater that was part Samoyed. Yes, “essence of dog” lingers in the air.

    PS – it’d make a good aftershave. Nina Ricci “Essance of Dog”, with soft focus bodice-buster style art and an endorsement by Diana Gabaldon.

  3. ledasmom says

    I admit I assumed this was a soap post from the title, and I was mildly concerned but intrigued. Now: Less concerned, equally intrigued.
    If you wash a dog with Essence of Dog soap, what exactly does it smell like?