Every reporter, anchor or commentator who uses any media platform to suggest Trump should be celebrated for signing this executive order promising, “I’m going to cut way back on the torture of children,” must face serious criticism.

You can start with Dana Bash for offering “Kudos to Trump”. Feel free to send reasonably-worded reactions to CNN.

ETA: I didn’t want to backseat this post, but I just noticed that at Trump’s rally tonight he said:

And I think you saw the other day, we’re reopening NASA.

I swear, boggling so many minds at once runs a serious risk of triggering major seismic activity. The arrogant ignorance of this clown is virtually limitless.


  1. blf says

    Reopen Nasa? Over to you, Buzz Aldrin’s many faces during Trump’s space speech (video).


    The mildly deranged penguin knows a dragon named Qudos — one of the small flame-exhaling spaceship-sized ones that eats rocky planets for a snack — so it’s very wise to check just what she means when she gives you what sounds like “kudos”. (If it’s not accompanied by some cheese, urgently consider leaving the planet.)

    I believe she is currently trying to contact Qudos.

    (I’ve haven’t (yet) noticed the “kudos” (or similar) nonsense in my usual round of generally reliable sources, but instead critiques and criticisms of the EO and the policy’s archfiend, Stephen Miller. As one example, Trump’s cruel border policies created a needless crisis. It’s far from over: “The US president [sic] has reversed his position on family separations. But we are not about to see a humane policy replacing an inhumane one”.)

  2. says

    The arrogant ignorance of this clown is virtually limitless.

    You wanna know something? Lately, I’ve been questioning just how “ignorant” he really is. We’ve seen this before… leader seems exceedingly ignorant and easily swayed, but spearheads utterly horrid evil. I question it the same way I question Bush Jr’s supposed “ignorance”. I sometimes wonder if there’s a sinister intelligence behind them both that they’re both good at hiding.

    Of course, I have no evidence for that, and their ignorance being real is the far more parsimonious explanation that satisfies Occam’s Razor… but still…

    (Also… I appreciate the use of “arrogant ignorance” here as opposed to other words. Thank you!)

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