Trump is Killing to Save Morality

You could just go read Wonkette who covers this well, but if you like, you can get a taste here:

Abortion is already illegal in Kenya, but Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK), the organization that had previously been providing low-cost contraception to these women, is supported by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which has refused to comply with Trump’s demands and stands to lose $100 million in funding as a result. Shockingly, no anti-choice organizations have stepped up to help provide that funding or those services.

Long story short, because these women are now unable to access contraception, they are getting pregnant with babies they cannot afford to have and are turning to illegal and dangerous abortion methods instead.

I hadn’t paid attention when Trump reset the global gag rule. This was a policy of Reagan, unmodified by Bush, rescinded by Clinton, reinstated by Shrub, and then rescinded again by Obama.

I thought Trump had simply reinstated it, but it’s much, much worse than that. The Reagan/ Bush/ Shrub rule banned funding for family planning organizations which mention abortion, at all. Ever. The Trump rule bans funding for any medical providers as well. The Center for Reproductive Rights has extensive documentation of the various problems created by Kenya’s policies and laws related to abortion, other reproductive rights, sexual assault and rape. Not surprisingly, in a country where abortion is illegal it is regularly practiced but plagued by terrible conditions and routinely performed by unqualified practitioners, which together results in a horrifyingly high complication rate and a drain on public health dollars that could go much further if the abortions were performed in hospitals or legal clinics and complications were thus largely prevented.

So what’s been happening? With FHOK providing dramatically reduced contraception, those additional abortions have been draining funds from the Kenyan health system which are desperately needed to address any number of medical conditions with more complicated and/or expensive solutions than unwanted pregnancies.

Though every country is unique, it’s unlikely that there’s any country actually experiencing good effects from Trump’s new restrictions on the ability of public health organizations to mention abortion. Wonkette reports that by expanding the number of groups ineligible for funding from the US, the $600 million hit that Shrub put on the gag rule’s victims has been replaced with a policy that takes away $8,200 million more.

This is killing people. This is killing SO. MANY. PEOPLE.

I can’t write any more about this, but please, if you need more facts to put in your letter to the White House or to the US Congress, go get ’em.


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