Zero Fox Given: Stephanie Walter

Ran across this great illustration by Stephanie Walter, a European programmer, designer, & blogger:

Sleeping red-orange canid with unnaturally colorful tail gives zero

Zero Fox Given


She blogs primarily in french, and I have never read any tech-news in French some I’m learning a ton of new terms, but if you’re comfortable reading French and do any design or programming (or are willing to scroll through a bunch of things you don’t understand to find cute designs!), you might just find her blog worth checking out!


Fascist Policing: Milwaukee Edition; AKA No One Is Talking About Sterling Brown

I’m not sure why, but since the video of Sterling Brown’s mistreatment was released no one on FtB seems to have covered the malicious violence police committed against Brown, a rookie NBA player who may not be a superstar (yet) but is already playing a large contributing role for his team in his first year. From that, we can guess he’s making significant money and had significant local fame even before this incident put him repeatedly in the news. (BTW: I Have Forgiven Jesus spoke about this in anticipation of the video’s release, but we did not yet know what it showed.)

It’s been hard for me to start this piece. This story falls in an awkward place for me. It lacks the immediate, universal concern that appears to exist here on FtB when cops kill someone, but it’s also far more serious than the quotidian racism in policing that I also cover.

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