Silver-lining-in-genocide Senator: “binders of letters”

Lynn Beyak, in continuance with her proceedings to divorce from reality, has defended her statements by saying she could make a binder full of women letters in support of the genocidal residential schools Canada ran until 1996.

“I’ve suffered with them up there. I appreciate their suffering more than they’ll ever know,” she said. “The best way to heal is to move forward together. Not to blame, not to point fingers, not to live in the past.”

Beyak, who sits as a member of the Senate’s Aboriginal Peoples committee, said she has received hundreds of positive remarks after she delivered a speech in which she chastised the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for not “focusing on the good” of the “well-intentioned” institutions.

“There were two sides to every story. We have 700 letters, we’ll make it a binder, we’ll make it all available,” she said Monday. “Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of letters.”

Somebody get this leaky bagpipe all the god damn seats.



  1. quotetheunquote says

    Great Zarquon, what an national embarrassment she is!

    (The cynical among us might say, “well, she IS a Canadian Senator…”)

    (Not me, of course; heaven forbid.)

    I read a bit about her extensive experience “suffering” along with the first nations peoples; she reminds me so much of Doug “some of my best friends are Jews” Ford.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    I hope she makes good on that.
    I really, really, really want to read all 700 of those letters.