Snark of the Month: March 2017

Hello everybody, and welcome to March’s “Snark of the Month.” Here on AtG we try to encourage snark as a last ditch effort to retain our sanity in the post-truth era. To that end, please enjoy your complementary confetti, March snark winners!

Snark of the Month Winner: blf

blf, if you don’t already recognize them, normally writes in a combination of satirical and surrealistic styles. However, when blf remarked on the Edmonton Catholic School Board’s complaints over all their bad press, blf had a moment of candor:

Yes, not supplying your children to priests for indoctrination and rape is intolerant: Without those “perks” how will they ever recruit more priests? Whithering-away of the priestly caste is “genocide”!

I think you cracked the code, blf.

Snark Runner-up: quotetheunquote

Lynn Beyak… well, at this point, ought to be a name that speaks for itself.

Well, I for one would be a much happier camper if she went into a closet, closed the door, and …. that’s it really.