Sexy Story Time: The Look


Hello interwebs,

Brief preamble: This is a short piece of erotica featuring one of my favourite kinks written by yours truly!

Probably NSFW. Ads disabled even though there’s no sexy images (can’t be too careful with puritans).

Stay hot & bothered lovelies,



Cassie looks up from her pillow to see the Domme she serves casting her The Look from the bedroom door. You know the one. Cassie would meet Sandra’s sapphire eyes from across the room, an effortless confidence gilding the Domme’s exposed skin, bearing a smile that undressed Cassie without having to lay a single finger on her; Sandra would see in Cassie’s hazel eyes a playful flame that danced behind the blacks of her pupils, crowning a gaze that brushed Sandra’s lips with sweet chocolate. All this condensed into an instant, a symphony that roared triumphantly, requiring no conductor or direction to begin.

They both feel it. They both smile. It is a dance they step into effortlessly, trained performers that fall into each other’s arms in tune to the measured cadence of a diligent cello.

Sandra makes her way onto the mattress, planting her feet on either side of Cassie and standing tall above her. She looks down at her girl, at the suggestive grin Cassie can’t quite hide in the corners of her mouth.  She twists from her prone position to meet Sandra’s gaze. Sheets tumble across Cassie’s back as she exposes her perky nipples and modest breasts.

“You’re trying to tempt me with that look,” Sandra says.

“And it’s working,” says Cassie, looking her Domme in the eye. She scans Sandra’s body from below. Sandra is naked except for black panties, tight enough that Cassie can make out her labia through the fabric. She watches as Sandra lowers herself to her knees, pinning Cassie between her legs and holding her down.

Cassie tests the position, attempting to wiggle her legs free. She is securely stuck, Sandra an immovable rock who sinks into her position and lets her weight do the work.

“You weren’t joking when you said you dom’d like a lazy old cat,” says Cassie. “Ma petite lionne.”

Sandra lights up, a brief crack in her faux-morose mask flashing across her face. “Oh sweet kitten,” she says, placing a finger on Cassie’s belly. She maps a figure-eight along Cassie’s torso, the touch barely perceptible, a gentle feather teasing the senses. Cassie can feel Sandra’s finger dancing as though her skin were water, sending tiny ripples roiling throughout her body. Sandra gently slides her hand between her partner’s breasts, her palm almost hovering above the surface, Cassie drawn to her hand as though it were magnetic. She melts into the touch, feeling the ripples cascade up from her chest and across her throat, the small moan escaping from her mouth caught in the palm of Sandra’s hand as she traces her thumb across Cassie’s lips. Sandra grasps the side of her lover’s head and tilts it upward, lowering herself until they were close enough to breathe each other’s air.

Moments pass before Cassie realizes she had closed her eyes. Catching her breath, she looks up at Sandra, inches away from her face, reading on the lines that spoke of a duality: like she couldn’t decide whether to fuck Cassie or hurt Cassie–with just a hint of coyness, because she knew that was what her girl wanted.

“You don’t tease the lioness,” says Sandra. “She always takes what she wants.”

“And what does the lioness want?” asks Cassie, tilting her head.

Separated by mere inches of air, Sandra sees the possibilities burning behind Cassie’s eyes. Days filled with passionate kisses and sadistic squeezes, rope harnesses and hair pulling, hands exploring one another as if they couldn’t decide whether they were sifting through sand or climbing a mountain. She could feel Cassie’s body pressing against her, inviting her to join in the waltz.

Sandra leans in to kiss Cassie, pulling up again just as she parts her lips.

“Your lioness wants…” she pauses, running her hand up the side of Cassie’s breast. “A nap.”

All at once the weight lifts. Sandra pushes herself off from Cassie’s chest, rolling onto her side with her back turned to her girl, arms flowing into an embrace with a body pillow. Cassie stares at her in disbelief, her heart still racing, her lungs scrambling for air. Sandra offers a theatrical yawn, straightening out her body like a cat preparing to curl in the sun. She rolls over, dragging her body pillow with her, readjusting and making eye contact with her shocked partner from the other side of the bed.

“Sleep well, ma chatonne,” she says. “If you can.”


Yes, that’s right! Tease & denial is in my top 10 kinks, easy. :)