Another shout-out to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library!

I’ve written a few posts about how amazing the library is here in Toledo, but I feel today I need to write one more. I was just at the library tonight with my daughter picking out books for bedtime. We do this every other week.

I have a part-time job running an arts program for people in recovery. The pandemic severely limited my work. What’s worse is that during the pandemic the neighborhood where we hold our groups went downhill and it is now too dangerous for us to be there. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen.

Now that the CDC has loosened guidelines, I want to have art groups, damn it! So where do I turn? The library! We are having groups in a community room in our library’s main branch downtown. We have to rebuild but it is a safe place for us.

So excited!

It’s just one more amazing way the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has impacted my life.

So support your local library! 🙂

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