The List — My Erotic Poetry Needs Some Inspiration

I’m about to get really personal.

I’m writing an erotic poetry book — most of which is written from real life. I’m rounding the bend. My goal was 70 – 80 poems and I am at 61. How do I wrap this up? My favorite poems in the collection are a little longer and tell a story. They’re a little more specific and detail a sequence of events. I need inspiration to keep this momentum up!

Enter “The List”.

To help me finish my book and have a little fun on the side, my husband and I are creating a list of things we want to try. Right now the list mostly contains fun, new locations, and maybe a sex tape.

Give me some ideas! Tell me something fun you’ve tried. Where’s the most interesting place you’ve had sex?

To say my husband and I have had fun in the making of this erotic poetry book would be a huge understatement. I just hope the fun continues when the book is finished!


  1. blf says

    In the previous post, Does anyone else talk to plants?, you mentioned having lots of plants. I presume they feature, or inspire, many of these poems? For example (safe for work!):

    My Venus Flytrap tried
    To embrace
    It tickled
    And got rid of the flies

    (Further proof that I cannot write poetry!)

  2. Peter B says

    Some ideas.
    Theme: we decide about erotic behavior, not some god.


    My husband and I are nude.
    We are dancing in the kitchen.
    We keep the music down because our daughter is sleeping.


    My husband and I are nude.
    He sits in a chair.
    I sit on his lap.
    Sometimes I am facing him.
    It’s good our daughter is sleeping.


    My husband and I are nude.
    We are in our bedroom.
    Sleep may come later.
    I am tied down unable to free myself.
    I can’t remove the blindfold.
    I am giddy with excitement.
    Let the fun begin.
    I hope our daughter stays asleep.


    Our love is constrained by mutual consent.
    No ancient text is involved.

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