Atheists Want to Abort Baby Jesus, Oh My!


Oh, is it possible for us atheists to be more evil? According to some, yes. The luridly purple (and highly inaccurate) prose of Christian fanatics know no bounds, and now includes the utter horror of atheists attempting to abort a birthed baby from thousands of years ago. Right, that just makes all kinds of sense! The actual problem? Oh, the usual – evil atheists and satanists are allowed to put up their own seasonal displays, messages, and billboards, quelle horreur!

The haters of all-things-Christmas, some of whom claim to be “freedom” lovers, are busy again this December trying to legally abort the baby in the manger.

If they could pull this off, it would be the ultimate late-term abortion, since that baby was born 2,000 years ago and lives eternally as the King of Kings.

Oh FFS. The idiocy is simply too much to bear.

The atheist-Satan alliance is becoming more visible than ever. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League noted in a recent press release that atheists and Satanists have the same goals: they hate Christianity.

Most satanists are atheists, who happily use satanism to smack fanatical Christians by means of using their own twisted logic. As for actual Satanists? They’re Christians too, and should be embraced by Christians, after all, you wouldn’t have a religion at all without your scapegoat, would you? It’s rather silly, the bad rap Lucifer gets, given that almost all of the vicious, bloodthirsty killing in the bible is the direct action of Yahweh. (If you haven’t read Drunk With Blood: God’s Killings in the Bible, by Steve Wells, I highly recommend it.)


So, if you’re actually going to believe all that silly shit, looks like Christians are on the wrong side. Nothing new there. I just can’t continue quoting the idiotic column, but it is a goldmine of paranoid idiocy, so if you’re in the mood, here it is.

The Twelve Days of Trumpmas.


The Religious Reich have a Xmas wish list, one they fully expect Santa Trump to fulfill. Just the wish list here, click over to Right Wing Watch for the grisly details.

After jettisoning all of their rhetoric about public morality and personal character in order to help Donald Trump get elected, Religious Right activists are now hoping the president-elect fulfills the promises he made to the social conservative movement during his campaign.

Trump, who received the support of around eight in ten white evangelical voters, spent months boasting that he is a “great Christian” who will restore the long-lost holiday of Christmas and create “the strongest Christian lobby.”


“Like President-elect Trump, we have much to celebrate this Christmas season,” the National Right to Life Committee declared in its December newsletter, rejoicing in Trump’s anti-choice policies and Cabinet picks.

As Christmas approaches, Religious Right activists are reminding Trump of the good deeds they did to help elect him and demanding that he, in turn, deliver on his promises. Here are just 12 of the gifts the Religious Right is expecting from Trump in the new year:

  1. Nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court.
  2. Repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  3. Sign the First Amendment Defense Act.
  4. Rescind Nondiscrimination Protections.
  5. Defund and Investigate Planned Parenthood.
  6. Reinstate the Mexico City Policy.
  7. Codify The Hyde Amendment.
  8. Sign a 20-week Abortion Ban.
  9. Sign The Conscience Protection Act.
  10. Repeal The Johnson Amendment.
  11. Federal Voucher Funding.
  12. Curb Immigration, Ban Muslims and Stop Refugee Resettlement.

The details aren’t pretty. If all this is managed, we’ll be well past the welcome to fascism stage. Via Right Wing Watch.

Purple Prose and Intellectual Pedophiles.

Lance Wallnau.

Lance Wallnau.

Lance Wallnau is on another tear, this time, about college, specifically, college professors. He indulges in some terrible purple prose in his attempt to get across just how really, truly, oh for realz, evil they are. Really.

Wallnau, an early and vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, is a leading advocate of Seven Mountains dominionism, the idea that Christians are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of all aspects of the culture in order to implement the will of God throughout the world. One of the “mountains” that Christians needs to gain control of is “the university mountain,” Wallnau said, “because the professors are the factory foremen that are shaping the mind of the next generation.”

Wallnau lamented that radicals from the 1960s went into academia and have spent decades warping the minds of students, which is why conservative Christians continue to lose battles in the culture war.

Sigh. The ever present culture war. No, this is about Christians constantly attempting to retard any and all social progress, and to stomp on the idea of social justice. This is about wanting those mythical 1950s back, where you pretend everything was just great. There’s always noise being made about all the awful secularists, and the awful atheists, and the awful nones, and so forth, but very little about all those other Christians. People like to say that getting atheists to agree on something is like herding cats (which isn’t difficult at all), but the same applies to Christians. The various denominations of Christianity go on and on and on and on. They don’t agree with one another. Within that incomplete list, there are a fair number of Christians who would, and will be ardently opposed to your stance, Lance. Those would be Christians who think social progress and inclusivity is a good thing. You don’t want to win a culture war, you want to crush all dissent, and crown yourself the Jesus King.

“Anything we do regarding abortion, prayer, marriage,” he said, “anything we do that doesn’t get into the educational narrative that is affecting the minds of students will be lost within eight to 10 years because you’ve got gatekeeper priests, there are priests of Baal at the top of the university mountain, poisoning the minds [of young people.] They’re like intellectual pedophiles molesting the virgin territory of your children’s imaginations.”

Last time I looked, most people in college are legal adults. I have to wonder if you went to college, Lance, because professors don’t get to treat class time as “hey, free time, I can pontificate about whatever I want!” They have to teach a class, and their personal views aren’t a part of that. As for poisoning the minds of actual children, I don’t think we need to look much further than religion, do we?

Via Right Wing Watch.

This Is The Age of Puritan Nazis.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci.

Republicans from all over the place have been jubilant over the possibilities of legislating their hatred, in particular, their hatred of LGBTIA people. Much old legislation is having the dust blown off, polished up, and gleefully presented once again, their hopes high on being able to oppress people, and have that oppression stick.

FADA is a bill (HR 2802) that would create a special status of protection exclusively for individuals who oppose same-sex marriage or premarital sex. The federal government would be prohibited from taking any “discriminatory action” against them, including denying tax exemptions, withholding grants or contracts, or denying any federal benefit. In other words, it would require the federal government to prop up anti-gay (and anti-sex) discrimination.

“Hopefully November’s results will give us the momentum we need to get this done next year,” Conn Carroll, Lee’s spokesman, told BuzzFeed. “We do plan to reintroduce FADA next Congress and we welcome Trump’s positive words about the bill.”

FADA co-sponsor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) similarly boasted, “The prospects for protecting religious freedom are brighter now than they have been in a long time.”

This is not about protecting religious freedom, or religious anything, and it never has been. This is the bare assertion that Christians have a legal right to hate, and to oppress people based on a specific religious belief. Christians do not need protecting, in any way, shape, or form. In spite of their constant desire to present themselves as persecuted, nothing could be further from the truth here in uStates. People are free to pray wherever the hell they want to, and unless you’re into the anti-biblical kind of showy praying, how would anyone even know you’re praying? You can carry a bible anywhere you like. The fact that others are free to walk away, argue, or criticise you if you whip it out? That’s not persecution. If you think you require legal protection from all the evil sluts who want something horrific, like contraception, then I’d suggest the field you find yourself in is not a good fit. Really, it’s not difficult to get along without crying a persecution game, and convincing yourself you need protection from the menacing tide of perfectly normal, nice people is simply evil.

Christians just love a narrative of persecution, implying they are the brave soldiers, standing strong for their god, a god who must be quite the weakling, considering it can’t ever stand up for itself, but the insistence on legislating bigotry and hate points to only one thing: cowardice. Craven, cringing, cowardly Christians, who just cannot face a day where they might encounter a queer person doing something hideous, like offering money for a service, oh my!

The only refuge LGBT people might find if both Congress and the White House turn against them is in the courts. For example, in July, Federal Judge Carlton Reeves, an Obama appointee, ruled against Mississippi’s HB 1523, which largely mirrors FADA’s protections for those who oppose marriage equality. “A law declaring that in general it shall be more difficult for one group of citizens than for all others to seek aid from the government is itself a denial of equal protection of the laws in the most literal sense,” he wrote.

But if FADA or similar legislation passes, LGBT people will have to fight it with the Justice Department working against them.

If we can be sure of one thing, it’s that republicans will be presenting a near overwhelming amount of anti-LGBTIA legislation, and at least some of it is sure to pass.

Zack Ford has the full story at Think Progress.

Pray for Trump Because…

Credit: Kingdom Life.

Credit: Kingdom Life.

Rev. Franklin Graham told CNN’s Carol Costello that he backs President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to bring back manufacturing jobs because people are not proud of modern jobs in computer science.

During an interview on Tuesday, Graham praised Trump for finding a way to “work with the thugs” like Russian President Vladimir Putin “so that we can have peace in this world.”

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Trump loves Putin, because Putin says nice things about him, and in Donald’s world, that’s what matters. They are also both consumed by money and power. Best buds. I’m afraid if you’re going to call Putin a thug, you have to call Trump one, too. In no way will their working together bring peace to this world. If the Exxon and Rosnet deal goes through, that’s 500 billion for power-mad tyrants to play with.

“That’s the problem with the politicians in Washington,” he said. “They sit down there and they do nothing. Now we’ve got a man who’s coming into the White House who wants to get things done. And I hope and I pray — we all as Americans, we need to pray for the president-elect and vice president-elect.”

Well yes, republicans aren’t overly keen on working, unless they’ve cooked up some sort of legislation to oppress marginalized people even more. Then you see some enthusiasm.

“Start working to make America great again, that’s what Trump wants to do,” the pastor continued. “We need jobs, we need to get employment up, we need to have hope for the future. And the only way you’re going to have hope for the future is if a kid goes to college and comes out and knows, ‘I can get a job and I can get a good paying job and maybe I can work my way up the ladder.’”

Oh for Crispy Fried Christ’s Sake. No. I addressed this in an earlier post, but going to college should not be tied to “get a good job”, it should be tied to a love of learning. And, as too many young people have found out, and keep finding out, a college degree is no guarantee of getting any sort of job. As for that “up the ladder” isht, I’d dearly love to see that colonial minded concept die. No. Learn to be content, learn when enough is more than enough. Learn that you do not need to compete your whole life long, with yourself, your neighbours, colleagues, or anyone else. Who gives a flying fuck what they think?

According to Graham, graduates are not finding jobs because companies have shifted to overseas manufacturing.

“This is terrible. I live in North Carolina where so much of our manufacturing base has gone to other countries,” he insisted. “And people are out of jobs, are out of work. And they say, ‘But we’ll retrain you, we’ll let you be a computer programmer.’”

Nothing wrong with that, it’s a job, right?

“They don’t want to be a computer programmer!” Graham continued. “They want to do the same job as their fathers and their grandfathers. There was pride in the manufacturing and the building. And we’ve taken all that away and it’s sad.”

Oh for fuck’s sake, make up your bloody mind. Either they go to college and get jobs which are not factory jobs, or they don’t go to college, and get a factory job. As for Trump, well, he’s not overly keen on anything being manufactured here, costs too much, y’know, those workers, they want to be paid a living wage. And unions! Oh, the archenemy of billionaires everywhere. Trump happily scammed the hell out of people with the whole Carrier deal, and now Carrier is richer by millions, big tax cuts, and they are going to use that money to automate people right out of a job. (Carrier one, Carrier two.) Trump has no intention of “bringing back jobs”. Trump is interested in making more money, and making sure his fellow billionaires make more, too.

So, go ahead and pray, Mr. Franklin, for all the good it will do. You’re providing a fine example of why we are so very fucked.

Via Raw Story.

Bacon, it’s not Kryptonite.

A couple of weeks back an anti-Muslim Facebook group called the Aussie Infidels told its followers to send Christmas cards “smeared in bacon fat” to the local Muslim association.

A couple of weeks back an anti-Muslim Facebook group called the Aussie Infidels told its followers to send Christmas cards "smeared in bacon fat" to the local Muslim association.
The Lakemba mosque has issued a statement not to wish anyone a Merry Christmas. Anyone who would like to send a Christmas card smeared in bacon fat to Lakemba, here the address:
Lebanese Moslem Association
71-75 Wangee Road
NSW 2195

It’s unclear what provoked the status. There are no recent public statements from the Lakemba mosque or the Lebanese Muslim Association about Christmas.

People are having a wonderful, humor filled time, happily mocking the idiots who couldn’t think of a single thing to do this solstice, other than to try and spread hate and fear. You can see a whole lot of the responses at BuzzFeed.

Many thanks to Intransitive for this one, cheered my day!

Sunday Facepalm.

Scott Lively.

Scott Lively.

Time for word salad with Scott Lively, the rabid bigot who managed to implement his evil in Uganda, and who is hopeful about implementation here, once Trump is in power. Lively believes that all queer people should be put to death, if they act on their orientation in any way. Just a small bit here:

If Trump had taken a strong pro-family stand on LGBT issues, he would have opened up a huge new battle-front in the war for the presidency with virtually no support from conservative GOP leaders (nearly all of whom have retreated from that fight due to the ferocity of the leftist cartel on “gay rights”). And he would have energized the Bernie Sanders bloc of the Democratic base, especially the young people, the most thoroughly brainwashed portion of the US electorate on LGBT issues due to nearly monopolistic “gay” influence in public education and the entertainment media.

However, by embracing renegade Thiel and saying Obergefell was settled law, Trump neutralized the “gay” card and kicked the can past the election. I didn’t support that tactic but I understood it. Now, while the leftist cartel is reeling from the Trump pummeling, Christian conservatives have perhaps their last opportunity to take back some ground on marriage and family values – irrespective of Mr. Trump’s personal views on the issue and the GOP’s willingness to throw the pro-family cause under the bus. The fact is that support for the sodomy lobby is driven almost entirely by fear of the Great and Powerful OZ of Political Correctness backed by media thuggery. But the curtain has been pulled back and guess what? The Wizard is as naked and impotent as the Emperor, so there is no good reason to let political correctness about homosexuality continue to trump family values in our public policy.

These bloodthirsty, thoroughly evil asses are the living embodiment of phallophobia. Speaking of bloodthirsty, evil asses, Kevin Swanson is having a fit over the movie Moonlight, which has garnered high praise from every corner. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

One Second of Love, Outrageous!


Oh, the horror, the normalisation of sin, alas! Back in July this year, Zales Jewelers started selling their love and pride line, wedding jewelry for all those splendid queer folk who decide to marry. Going by this article, they are happily spending on this line, too. Personally, I never had any use for engagement/wedding rings, but for most people, this is an important part of their love declaration, and it’s nice to see jewelry designed to show pride as well as love. Zales put out a recent ad which has Christians all over the place popping a monocle, because there’s about one second out of the 30 second ad which features a same sex couple in a sea of mixed sex couples:

One Million :coughs: Moms and other irrational Christians are up in arms, terribly offended, and screaming for a boycott of Zales for this absolutely horrible normalisation of sin. It would be nice if they worried about the normalisation of fascism and nazis, but they’re probably okay with those.

From Some Moms:

Zales Jewelers should be ashamed of attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women getting married in their latest commercial. It shows two women in wedding gowns exchanging vows and wedding bands. Zales is promoting same-sex marriage and their new “Love and Pride” Collection. The “Love and Pride” wedding band collection, designed for the LGBTQ community with rainbow and matching bands, is “promoting Equality, Diversity, and Unity” and “celebrate their Love with Pride” as stated on their website.

Oooh, yes, how dare they sneak two lesbians in amongst all the hetros! Goodness, I just don’t know how you’ll sleep at night. I suggest a closet.

Zales is using public airwaves to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and belittle the sanctity of marriage in an attempt to redefine marriage. Even though homosexuality is unnatural, this advertisement is pushing the LGBTQ agenda. An even greater concern is that the commercial is airing when children are likely watching television. To make matters worse, this ad has aired during family viewing time such as football games and primetime shows.

Well, you’re using access to the ‘net to publish your awful screeds, spreading your hate as far as you can. I’ll bet you’re a bit jealous your reach isn’t as big as a major retailer. Oh, there’s that gay agenda again. I’m still waiting on mine, so I don’t see how you could possibly have yours yet.

Zales crossed a line that should have never been crossed. Even if 1MM didn’t disagree morally with the decision to air this ad, it is not a retailer’s job to introduce so called “social issues” such as this to our children. That is a parent’s decision, not theirs. Zales is glorifying sin, and no sin should be placed in the spotlight and honored. This goes for homosexuality as well.

Sigh. Listen, this one is on you. Who showed up at your door and strong-armed you into purchasing and hooking up a television set? I understand that you can have advert free television with TIVO. I’m sure there are other options, too. This would be known as tailoring your life to suit your particular sensibilities. These things can be managed, easily. Not everyone on this planet buys into or believes your evil concept of sin, and marriage is a social issue, so I expect you had better get busy railing against any and all references to marriage. Get yourself in that closet, Cupcake, and leave the evil television and computer outside, it’s the only way to be safe. The rest of us will be happily celebrating love in all its infinite diversity. May open minds and open hearts live long and prosper.

We want to magnify Christ, so no icky gay people.

The Larsens, youtube capture.

The Larsens, youtube capture.

Yet more smug, asshole Christians attempting “pre-emptive” litigation, in order to protect their hate and exclusionary choices. As the Larsens are the ones who want to break into the lucrative wedding market, perhaps they should reflect on the fact that they do have a choice – they can deny their greed and eschew wedding video services. But that’s never the case with Christians, is it? No, it’s always the standard whine of “we are being persecuted” whenever other people are given the same basic rights as all other human beings. Oh, yes, that’s just torture. FFS, whiny, nasty, greedy Xtians really are a stain on life in general.

KTSP reports on Carl and Angel Larsen of St. Cloud, Minnesota: married, devout Christians, who own Telescope Media Group, a film company that seeks to “magnify Christ like a telescope.” And despite the fact the law in the United States of America is that every man and woman has to right to marry whoever they choose, they object to laws protecting that right, claiming it discriminates against their religious beliefs.

Laws like Minnesota’s human rights act, which they have targeted in a lawsuit against the state attorney general and the commissioner of human rights. The Larsens tell KTSP, they want to expand their film company by breaking into the lucrative wedding services industry, but want to offer their videos to heterosexual couples only. They told the station no LGBT couple has ever tried to hire them, and claim their lawsuit is a pre-emptive action.


Kevin Lindsey, the human rights commissioner named in their lawsuit, called it “part of a pattern of nationwide litigation that is now aimed at eroding the rights of LGBTQ Minnesotans.”

The Star Tribune reported the Larsens are suing because the human rights act would force them into producing videos “promoting a conception of marriage that directly contradicts their religious beliefs.” They argue that their right to expression is being “chilled and silenced” by the state, preventing them from advertising their straights-only wedding at wedding expos and on websites.

Chilled and silenced my arse. You’re moaning about people having a basic right which you don’t like. It’s in the media, and you’re going to sue in order to cement your hate. You’re far from being silenced.

Of course, they aren’t doing this all on their own. They have the backing of a powerful right-wing conservative Christian group that fights for religious freedom around the world, the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes the ADF’s work is fanning the flames of antigay hatred globally in battles over transgender bathroom policies, marriage equality and contraception.

Of course they aren’t. The ADF is nothing but a hate group, bent on removing basic human rights from everyone they don’t like, and their dislike knows little boundaries.

Via LGBTQNation.

Ohio: ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Now Law.

USA-Pr0-Life and Pro-Choice advocates protest at the Supreme Court in Washington DC in anticipation of the Supreme Court ‘s ruling on free access to abortion. CREDIT: AP/Patsy Lynch.

USA-Pr0-Life and Pro-Choice advocates protest at the Supreme Court in Washington DC in anticipation of the Supreme Court ‘s ruling on free access to abortion. CREDIT: AP/Patsy Lynch.

Ohio lawmakers approved a bill that would ban abortions six weeks into a woman’s pregnancy on Tuesday, making it the most extreme abortion ban in the country. Six weeks is the point at which a fetal heartbeat can be detected. By calling this legislation a “heartbeat bill” anti-abortion lawmakers can take the focus away from the woman carrying the pregnancy and toward the fetus.

Legislators sneaked the anti-abortion language into a Senate bill addressing child abuse and neglect laws at the last minute on Monday. The House voted to approve the bill Tuesday night.

Anti-abortion group Ohio Right to Life previously said the bill would not stand up to a constitutional challenge. The U.S. Supreme Court blocked similar laws in North Dakota and Arkansas that criminalized abortion after six weeks and 12 weeks respectively, and the Ohio Senate previously didn’t act on the bill. But with a Donald Trump administration and a new Supreme Court justice in the near future, anti-abortion lawmakers like their chances, reported.

“A new president, new Supreme Court appointees change the dynamic, and there was consensus in our caucus to move forward,” Republican Senate President Keith Faber said during the lame duck session, according to the Columbus Dispatch. “I think it has a better chance than it did before.”

I have never been happier to be well beyond any possibility of pregnancy, a state I’ve been in for well over a quarter century now. I truly fear for all those who do have to live with the possibility of pregnancy, and the obstacle course they are faced with if they decide on a termination. This is bad news, because if this doesn’t get overturned as the other cases have been, you can bet this legislation will be introduced once again, and not just in the states where it was previously tried.

Full story at Think Progress.

Sunday Facepalm.


Paul Hair, co-author of Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity, is a wee bit upset over some confederate statues being dismantled and moved.

Reuters reported on Nov. 19 that Louisville, Ky. began dismantling a Confederate monument for removal to a different location. The dismantling of the monument is part of the progressive campaign to destroy all reminders of the Confederacy. This campaign, in turn, is part of the larger effort to demonize and destroy all of U.S. culture.

Oh my, all of American culture is gonna disappear, oh no! Just once, I’d dearly like a specific, clear definition of what constitutes U.S. Culture. Genocidal Bigotry, check. Religious fanaticism, check. Religious terrorism, check. Slavery worshiped as a beloved tradition, check. White supremacy, check. Fanatical fetishisizing weaponry, check.  Okay, what else?

None of those things are anything to be proud of, they should be national embarrassments, but noooo, those are the good things, the moral things, oh my yes! Ugh.

Demonizing and destroying American culture includes elevating evil. This is why the Obama regime honored sodomy by designating the Stonewall National Monument in June of this year.

I have never know anyone to obsess on genitalia and all the things one might do with said genitalia like hetro Christians. Isn’t it bad enough that you all have a massive porn consumption problem? Couldn’t you focus on the problems with your own genitals and leave everyone else’s alone? Or perhaps you could try actually having fun with your equipment, might loosen you up a bit, make you happy for five minutes or something. Queer people are not evil, sex is not evil, and saving Stonewall has absolutely nothing to do with sex, you dimwit. I expect you know that, too, it just burns like crazy though, doesn’t it, having a monument to a time of great social change, wherein the majority of people decided to elevate their minds and hearts, and become inclusive, better human beings. Christians just hate that sort of thing, I know. I shall squeeze a tear out for you, Paul. It won’t be genuine, mind, but I doubt you’d care.

There already is a movement urging the incoming Trump administration to undo the Obama regime’s massive land grab. That land grab included designating the Stonewall Inn and many other areas of land as parts of national monuments.

Oh, you’re one to talk about a land grab, you genocidal believer in Christian Dominionism. That wasn’t a “land grab” it was a desperate attempt to save some small portion of our mother, our source of life, y’know, the planet we’re on. We only get one, and it didn’t come from any god, and there sure as hell isn’t any god pointing a cosmic finger and healing all the damage idiots like you are doing, and intent on doing yet more. Some of us think that things like the richness of family, friends, community, and a healthy eco-system which sustains and gives life are more important than a select handful of white assholes who think there can never ever be enough money or power in their pocket.

As for a “regime”, no there hasn’t been one of those yet, but you’re fair dripping at the one looming on the horizon, aren’t you? Disgusting.

There’s no reason those objecting to America honoring sodomy couldn’t join the larger movement to undo all the national monuments Obama designated at large. And if that effort proves successful, it then would make it possible to destroy the Stonewall Inn and wipe out its stain on American history.

A stain on American history. I rather think that white Christian colonials were (and are) a stain on Turtle Island, and on Turtle Island history. Perhaps it’s time for a different movement, one to dismantle, bit by bit, every single fucking church on Turtle Island. All of them, gotta go. You stand for every evil, for every single one of your so-called sins. That’s a stain that needs scrubbing out.


Naughty? Nice? So Confused!


The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel, bastions of Christian bigotry, have both released their Naughty or Nice lists of retailers, which is basically about whether or not chances are you might hear “Happy Christmas” rather than the oh so evil and awful “Happy Holidays”. Personally, I don’t care, and if I do get a “Merry Christmas” from someone, I happily respond with “A Merry Giftmas to you!”, which always receives an appreciate laugh and smile.

This self-righteous bullshit on the part of some Christians is beyond idiocy. Christians who actually live according to the bible don’t celebrate the blasphemous Winter celebration, as the bible says it’s right bad, that whole tree and decoration business, and it doesn’t have jack shit to do with Christ or Christianity. It really doesn’t take much effort to learn about the Church’s dubious history with the various Winter holidays, and their attempt to stomp out all those nasty festivals and rituals. It’s also very hypocritical, because the majority of Christians celebrate the same Xmas as everyone else, all wrapped up in the commercialism and crassness, but neither the AFA or Liberty Counsel is in the slightest abashed about putting out their list of retail stores, where people can go and toss out astonishing amounts of money on goods which have nothing to do with poor ol’ baby Jesus. It’s like Zoidberg Jesus in a group of Santa Clauses.


As Right Wing Watch notes, they can’t even agree on the naughty or nice list. Oh, the confusion!

For the second year in a row, the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel have released dueling “Naughty or Nice” lists designed to, as Liberty Counsel puts it, let Religious Right consumers know “which stores are censoring Christmas and which are openly celebrating it.”

Such efforts are vital, the AFA explained, because “there are secular forces in our country that hate Christmas because the word itself is a reminder of Jesus Christ. They want to eradicate anything that reminds Americans of Christianity. That is why it is important to remind governments and companies to keep the word Christmas alive.”

Right. So how many people are suddenly illuminated with thoughts of Jesus Christ when they hear the word Christmas? Or are the associations more likely to be trees, lights, gifts, decorations, family? Or perhaps frustration, debt, loss, loneliness, sadness, or despair? If you’re a Christian, be honest with yourself here. This is Christian puffery and hate at its finest – the mere idea of inclusion being so repugnant to so-called Christians. You’ll know them by their disdain and hate, not their love.

Unfortunately, AFA and Liberty Counsel can’t seem to agree upon which companies are “naughty” and which ones are “nice,” as several stores that are listed in one category by one group are listed in the other by the other group.

For instance, while Liberty Counsel declares that Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and Staples are all “nice,” the AFA declares that those same stores are all “naughty”:


Similarly, while AFA places Dick’s Sporting Goods and TJ Maxx on its “nice” list, Liberty Counsel has designated them as “naughty”:


Hopefully, next year AFA and Liberty Counsel can iron out this discrepancy so that conservative Christian consumers can know whether they stores they are patronizing are good, God-fearing businesses or evil misanthropes intent on subjecting Americans to the unimaginable horror of being wished a happy holiday.

Oh yes, the awful! Oh all the gods, the thought of being nice to all people! The horror! Christians, the very best reason to eschew Christmas. I’ll take Saturnalia instead.

Via RRW.

All the Disciples and Crocodile Tears.


Crocodile Tears.

The evangelist Rick Joyner has quite a lot to say about Trump. Silly, unbelievable bullshit, but I’m sure those who listen to him will happily buy it.

On his most recent “Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events” program, televangelist Rick Joyner declared that President-elect Donald Trump is a “tough as nails” leader who is also deeply compassionate and religious …. not unlike the disciples whom Jesus chose.

Yeah, yeah, Jesus was a real tough guy, and those disciples were thugs. Does it matter? No one actually knows if a Jesus actually existed, and if he did, well, let’s just say the story got super-exaggerated. The point is that the soft clay figures of Jesus and crew can be made over into whatever image any one person wants, the premier feature of all gods, because after all, they are made in our images, not the other way around.

Joyner said that he met with Trump once before the election and discussed Trump’s plans to address illegal immigration. During the discussion, Joyner claimed, he “saw the tears well up” in Trump’s eyes at the thought that his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants could split up families.

“He was about to bust out crying,” Joyner claimed. “He said, ‘We can’t do that, we can’t hurt the families, we’ve got to fix that.’”

That’s one way to get me gagging early in the morning. He seriously expects people to believe this bullshit, after months of intense hatred hurled at anyone who wasn’t pasty white? Lazy, liars, rapists, but hey, I don’t want to break up families, we must make sure they are *all* deported! FFS, what a load of crap. Building that bloody stupid wall was a central part of Trump’s platform, one which got mass amounts of people on board with his idiocy and hate.

Joyner insisted that Trump is also “one of the most honest people I’ve met” and that he possesses a “remarkable fear of the Lord,” so much so that he fired his campaign manager after learning that “this guy was cutting off these Christian leaders from being able to contact him.”

“When he heard that, the guy was gone right away,” Joyner said.

Honest? I’ve lost count of how many times Trump has been indicted for fraud. He’s certainly paid out millions upon millions in such cases to prevent being convicted. He can’t open his mouth without lying. Fact-checking website Politifact, who fact-checked at least 337 of Trump’s statements on the campaign trail and since his election victory, noted that 19 percent of his claims were “mostly false,” 34 percent were “false,” and 18 percent were “pants on fire.” And the lies continue. He lies about the popular vote, he lies about everything. No, honesty is not a virtue of Trump’s. It’s not a virtue of Joyner’s, either. Trump fired a number of campaign managers, and I doubt anyone was fired for “cutting off access to Christian leaders”.

“If you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump,” Joyner later declared. “Every one of them were Donald Trumps.”

Well, there’s a nasty image, leaves a bad taste in the brain. Good description of Christianity though.

Via RRW and Raw Story.