Atheists Want to Abort Baby Jesus, Oh My!


Oh, is it possible for us atheists to be more evil? According to some, yes. The luridly purple (and highly inaccurate) prose of Christian fanatics know no bounds, and now includes the utter horror of atheists attempting to abort a birthed baby from thousands of years ago. Right, that just makes all kinds of sense! The actual problem? Oh, the usual – evil atheists and satanists are allowed to put up their own seasonal displays, messages, and billboards, quelle horreur!

The haters of all-things-Christmas, some of whom claim to be “freedom” lovers, are busy again this December trying to legally abort the baby in the manger.

If they could pull this off, it would be the ultimate late-term abortion, since that baby was born 2,000 years ago and lives eternally as the King of Kings.

Oh FFS. The idiocy is simply too much to bear.

The atheist-Satan alliance is becoming more visible than ever. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League noted in a recent press release that atheists and Satanists have the same goals: they hate Christianity.

Most satanists are atheists, who happily use satanism to smack fanatical Christians by means of using their own twisted logic. As for actual Satanists? They’re Christians too, and should be embraced by Christians, after all, you wouldn’t have a religion at all without your scapegoat, would you? It’s rather silly, the bad rap Lucifer gets, given that almost all of the vicious, bloodthirsty killing in the bible is the direct action of Yahweh. (If you haven’t read Drunk With Blood: God’s Killings in the Bible, by Steve Wells, I highly recommend it.)


So, if you’re actually going to believe all that silly shit, looks like Christians are on the wrong side. Nothing new there. I just can’t continue quoting the idiotic column, but it is a goldmine of paranoid idiocy, so if you’re in the mood, here it is.


  1. blf says

    Right. So I’m supposed to convince the extremely angry mouse to let me use the TARDIS in the cupboard to travel to an indeterminate year and unknown place to prevent a raped teenager from giving birth to a child who possibly never existed. And I‘m the one with a case of mildly deranged penguinitis…?

  2. rq says

    Wait wait wait, Satan (originally misspelled as “Stan”) killed a whole 10 people. You can’t just let that slide like this, I mean, both sides, right? They’re exactly the same, and god promises all kinds of nice things so lesser of two evils, right?
    (It was a while ago but Dana Hunter had a couple of good posts about Satan complete with Satan memes. It was good.)

  3. says


    Wait wait wait, Satan (originally misspelled as “Stan”) killed a whole 10 people.

    That was the bet between Lucifer and El Shaddai about Job. El Shaddai did the actual killing. ;D

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