At The Dairy Goat Show.

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Nubian doeling back in the pens where the goats are kept prior to going into the ring.

A La Mancha doe standing at ringside. No, no one cut off her ears; they are born this way.

A contestant listens carefully to the judge’s comments at the end of his class.

Nigerian Dwarf does waiting at ringside for their turn to go in the ring and shine before the judge. They really are that little. Their backs do not come as high as my knees and I am not exactly what would be called tall.

When the judge directs you to stand in the front of the line, and no one else is in front of you… that means you just won the class. But since you are at a show, you must keep concentrating on your goat and keep her looking good.

This truly gorgeous and very personable doe went Best In Show. A well-deserved win.

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Rats Present.

This is Angel. “How do you get this open?” There’s a constant parade of girls trying to figure out this doorknob business, which is why it looks a mess, in spite of being cleaned every day. There are boys on the other side of the door, y’see. Yes, I keep it locked. Just in case. (They do manage to unlock it now and then.) Click for full size.

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Rats Past.

Ash, the rescue rat who started it all in 2006. In the first photo, Ash was busy working on thieving my ring. He was successful in pulling it off, and immediately scampered off to Rat HQ to stash his lovely ring. I recovered it later, after distracting Ash with Jaffa Wars (breaking out my precious supply of London Jaffa Cakes, and getting into a ferocious tug o’ Jaffa cake war with Ash.) The ring I still have. Wish I still had Ash.

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