Rat Art Installation #7,352.

This is actually a fairly old one, but I came across the bottle while cleaning the studio, and took pics this time out. I had this on a high shelf, which a persistent and creative Angel finally managed to get to, mostly with persistence in scaling the wall. The food colouring had, of course, run down the wall, and when I first saw it, still mostly asleep, first reaction was “WTF, who is bleeding and how in the hell…” This evening, just picking it up, after it has sat for months, I got my fingers covered in red, which won’t come off. Damn stuff is a menace.

© C. Ford.

So much for those latches…

Rats, so clever. They figured out how to open the latch, and had a party. Rat Art Installation 7,352. Can you tell I’m cleaning my studio? Takes a while to find these things, the girls drag them off and hide them, even stuff that is 9.5″ x 7.5″. As to why this is in my studio, every now and then I like to paint with cosmetics. Click for full size.

© C. Ford.


The Chemical Crew has a great love of oil paints, which are kept seriously locked up most of the time. The other day, I squeezed the last out of a tube of black, and left that and a piece I was meh about on the drawing table, for the girls to have fun with. There was just a tiny bit of the tube left, and the girls left their imprimatur on the piece too, vastly improving it, I think. Look at all those lovely scrapes and scratches!

© Vala & The Chemical Crew.