Jack’s Walk

Big Bob the red oak, ©voyager, all rights reserved

One of the nicest words in the English language is home, and that’s exactly where we are today. Home. We’ve been away for nearly 2 months and, as nice as it was to be seaside, I’m happy to be back. Jack feels the same way. This morning we went to our favourite forest path, Trillium Woods, and Jack ran around like a puppy with his tail held high and a bounce in his step. He peed on trees until he ran empty and then he air-peed some more. Jack grew up on this little forest path. It’s where his big sister Lucy taught him to climb and chase and I imagine these woods still carry her scent even though she’s been gone for a year. This is home to Jack as surely as our little house is and today he’s a very happy boy. There is no better welcome home.


  1. Nightjar says

    Lovely photo with gorgeous light, voyager!

    And yes, being back home feels so good, I totally get Jack. It’s not just humans and it’s not just dogs either. This year I was away for just one week and I took my cockatiel with us. The day we arrived home she was a very happy girl too. :)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Big Bob is handsome and well captured on the sensor.

    The feeling of being back home. I’ve often felt that it was nice to go somewhere, but it’s also nice to come back.

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