Feeding Scorpion Fly.

From Charly: Voyager has wondered what they eat with that mouth. Now we have an answer not only from a book, but from observation. They indeed do eat dead insects and apparently they are not above picking leftovers after spiders – in this case a discarded hover fly. Right next to the spider who captured it and was just a leaf width away. Stunning shots, absolutely click for full size!

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Jumping Spiders, Galileo, and Twitter.


A fascinating story about a rain of jumping spiders, their penchant for hunting laser dots, scientists being brought together on Twitter, and how Jumping Spider eyes are built just like Galilean telescopes – they can see the moon. If you, like me, start following videos from the main one at the site, you’ll find all manner of people who keep these friendly and smart beings as companions.

The Atlantic has the full story.