Jack’s Walk

Paper Birch, ©voyager, all rights reserved

It’s been rainy for days with cool temps and even though I don’t like the weather at least the trees have finally started to change colour. Around our neighbourhood the first trees to turn are the birches with their bright yellow and gold leaves. Even on a dull, rainy day those birch leaves shine like sunflowers on a summer’s day. I suspect that the maples will colour up quickly now that the weather is decidedly set to autumn. I’m looking forward to getting lots of autumn trees to post from all of you, hint hint. I haven’t had any tree submissions in a while and I’d like to see what you’ve got.


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    Birches here started to turn gold too. Fall starts to assume its reign quickly.

    Sadly many trees here are more dry than colorful, due to the year-long drought.

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    Voyager, back on July 30th I sent you some tree pictures, a Norfolk Island Pine. I don’t remember seeing them up. I have a couple more tree pics on the camera.

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