Harakka Island – Chapter 7

When we last left Ice Swimmer’s series Harakka an Island we were at the top of the island. Where to next Ice Swimmer?


Chapter 7 – Back from the Top and Downhill



1. View East from the Laboratory Front Yard, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

Now we’re back from the top of the island, in the front yard of the Artists’ Building, looking east, the pier is behind the red wooden buildings. We’ll go a bit south and go down the hill back towards the crossroads.


2. Down to the Crossroads, ©Ice Swimmer all rights reserved

We’re going down the same road we got up to the Artists’ Building. The history exhibition building is to the left and the pier from which we came is on the other side of the crossroads. We’ll be going to the right from the crossroads, to the south.

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Harakka Island – Chapter 6

It’s time for the next chapter in Ice Swimmer’s series Harakka – an Island. Our guide will take it from here. Thanks, Ice Swimmer.


Chapter 6 – Top of the Island


1. Odd Spruce, Rocks and open sea, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

This view is from the top of the island, towards southeast. I wonder what has happened to the spruce.

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Jack’s Walk

©voyager, all rights reserved

It was raining this morning so Jack and I went to Terracotta Park, hoping the canopy would help keep us dry. It did, more or less, but we still came home with wet hair and feet. Oh well, it was a good excuse to make hot chocolate, curl up together on the sofa and share a few maple cookies.

Tree Tuesday

Our tree this week comes from the down under part of the planet courtesy of Lofty who says:

The Dwarf Peach tree is just over 2 metres tall after 25 years with us, and is now putting on a beautiful feast for the honey bees. Just about every other bush or tree on the property tries to overpower it, but we don’t let them. The coming storm will probably strip off many of the blooms so I had to get a picture today in between gathering clouds.

What a glorious tree. The flowers are such a pretty pink and there are so many of them, I hope the coming storm won’t cause too much damage.Thanks so much for sharing, Lofty


Dwarf peach tree, ©Lofty all rights reserved


Floral detail, dwarf peach tree, ©Lofty all rights reserved

Harakka Island- Chapter 4

We’re on to chapter 4 of Ice Swimmer’s series, Harakka, an Island and today we’re heading toward the water. I’m always drawn to big, open water and these photos show off the sea beautifully. I’ll let Ice Swimmer fill you in on the details.


Chapter 4 – West

The western shore of Harakka is visible from Uunisaari and one conversation with Nightjar in the comments of a posting with a picture of Harakka from Uunisaari sparked the idea to go and explore the island.


1. Open Sea in the Southwest, ©Ice Swimmer all rights reserved

There is a path from near the northwestern corner of the Artists’ Building to the other side of the earthworks behind the building. The path leads to cliffs on the western shore of Harakka. When looking southwest from the path one can see some islands, but also open sea.

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A tree story

Raucus Indignation sent this in a few weeks ago and I had planned to post it on Tree Tuesday, but I’ve now decided that this submission is about more than just the tree so I’m posting it today instead. I’ll let Raucus explain:

I have many old apple trees around my home.  The property is on an old orchard. This one didn’t survive the winter.  It will be replaced by another apple or maybe a hazelnut in honour of Caine.  I’ll send photos of the new trees once they’re planted.

I’m sorry to hear about the lost apple tree, but I think that planting a new one is the perfect way to remember a friend who loved trees and the birds that make them home. I look forward to seeing the photos of the new tree once it’s planted. Thanks so much for sharing, Raucus.


©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved