Tree Tuesday

Our tree this week comes from the down under part of the planet courtesy of Lofty who says:

The Dwarf Peach tree is just over 2 metres tall after 25 years with us, and is now putting on a beautiful feast for the honey bees. Just about every other bush or tree on the property tries to overpower it, but we don’t let them. The coming storm will probably strip off many of the blooms so I had to get a picture today in between gathering clouds.

What a glorious tree. The flowers are such a pretty pink and there are so many of them, I hope the coming storm won’t cause too much damage.Thanks so much for sharing, Lofty


Dwarf peach tree, ©Lofty all rights reserved


Floral detail, dwarf peach tree, ©Lofty all rights reserved


  1. jazzlet says

    What an intense pink! And obviously popular with the bees. I hope the storm doesn’t strip so many blooms off you don’t get any fruit.

  2. says

    I’m pleased to report that the storm fizzled out just in time and the blooms are still magnificent this morning. Let the buzzies get back to work.

  3. rq says

    What a splendid colour! Probably even brighter in real life, I’m not much for pinks but this is a shade I truly adore.
    I’m enjoying the bee in mid-flight, too. Skirts up and pantaloons ballooning, coming in for a landing!

  4. says

    rq, the light here is reflected and is a little washed out. This afternoon I saw them momentarily with the sun behind them and they positively glowed with sex appeal.

  5. Nightjar says

    I must agree with rq, that is a beautiful shade of pink. Wonderful tree!

    I notice the Oxalis pes-caprae on the ground. Is there a single continent that damn weed hasn’t thoroughly invaded?

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