Atheist Scum Trying To Destroy National Day Of Prayer!


Fox news got wind of the proposal for a National Day of Reason, and the stupid is on tap.

Two congressional representatives are sponsoring a resolution to create a secular alternative to the National Day of Prayer. No big deal right? Wrong! The nice Fox News Christians on Outnumbered say that this is another attempt, by “mean” atheists, TO DESTROY OUR CHRISTIAN AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!

Sandra Smith continued to pimp the patented Fox anti-atheist agitprop: “Can’t they just leave our National Day of Prayer alone?” Doing some concern trolling, Harris Faulkner that her “biggest problem” is that this “causes a day of judgment” because it causes folks to ask others “why aren’t you into the Day of Prayer, why are you only into the Day of Reason.”

When Baker quipped that he liked her idea of a day for judging, Andrea Tantaros, with her comment about how “every day is a day for judging,” actually described Fox News! She “joked” that it is “rich” that those in Washington are calling for reason. Devout Christian Tantaros worked in the propaganda coup-de grace: “I think atheists in our culture have caused this culture to become so secular, so coarsened, and so godless. I think the atheists have won a lot of battles and they get most days in this country. Let the Christians have the National Day of Prayer, I mean really.”

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Be a thorn in Ken Ham’s side


Answers in Genesis fought to have its funding reinstated — and won.

In 2015, the Courier-Journal reports that the group appealed the board’s decision through a federal lawsuit. Answers in Genesis argued that Ark Encounters’ tax exemptions were denied based on the theme park’s “religious purpose and message.” U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove sided with Ham’s organization, writing in his January ruling that the attraction is “neutral, has a secular purpose, and does not grant preferential treatment to anyone based on religion.”

Groups like Tri-State Freethinkers not only disagree with that ruling, they’re also willing to fight it. The Freethinkers have crowdsourced more than $7,200 to campaign against Ark Encounters. If the group raises $10,000 — their next milestone — that will buy “four billboards at the same time or up to 10 locations spread out over the summer.” Should they raise $150 million, however, they plan to build their own park — one that doesn’t discriminate against gays.

Have a dollar or three? Think about floating them over to the Tri-State Freethinkers, who are doing a good job of being  a thorn in Ken Ham’s side.