Is Atheism on the Rise in Namibia?


From spreading the ‘good news of theism’, he is now propagating the ‘gospel of atheism’ and from being the ‘Saul’ of charismatic Christianity, Keith, a former pastor from Namibia in Southern Africa is now a fire brand ‘Paul’ of skepticism and an unrelenting apostle of freethought in his country. Recently I had a brief chat with Keith and asked him why discarded theism and embraced atheism.


“Africans are still enslaved by these religions. Killings, maiming, raping and many ills are still continuing no matter how religious Africans are…Atheism and science to me are therefore the answer to the world’s problems”

Really? I only hope so. Keith further explains how the family reacted to his decision to ditch god for good:

“Well, I had been a skeptic while a preacher…you know reading the Bible more and more exposed itself that it’s ‘hoax’. Towards the end of the year 2013, I drew the line and decided not to be a hypocrite any longer and made known my true feelings. Of cause it wasn’t received well by family members and peers. The hardest of all were my immediate family (they are all charismatic born again members). Although they heard my story and respected my decision, it did not go down well with some of them. They still have this feeling that I would repent and join them again. They are still praying and fasting for that day to come. Wishful thinking and wasted prayers I guess. My mind is made up particularly now that I am having more knowledge about science and atheism’.

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