Admin Note.

A recent fix resulted in a glitch – comments in open threads are no longer showing in the recent comments on sidebars. So, while it may appear that TNET is dead, it’s alive and well, along with other open threads on FTB. Right now, no idea if this is fixable, I guess we shall all see.

I Am So Very Sorry!

I’m fine, it’s my wireless that experienced sudden death, and left me stranded. My abrupt disappearance from the world didn’t elicit concern in my partner, and as I had recently turned my phone over to him so he could keep a specific number, I had no means of communication. I am so so sorry if you have been worried, it’s been driving me a bit over the edge. Anyroad, there wasn’t much to do except keep painting, which I’ve done, and as you can see, Vala the Brave has decided to be my enthusiastic assistant. She’s almost as good at making a mess as I am.

So, new wireless unit, and normal blogging will resume in the morning! (My Tuesday morn).  I have taken many bad flash photos of the latest horses, I’ll get those up today. Again, I am so sorry.

Admin Stuff: Fridays.

I’ve been doing a Cool Stuff Friday post since April ‘016. Going to be a change. Fridays will be all art days, giving me a chance to cover so very many wonderful things, which I’m much happier doing anyway, rather than dealing with all the upsetting stuff in reality land. This will give me the opportunity to stay happily under my rock for a day as well as indulge in sharing so many things I love and find fascinating. Hopefully, people who are kind enough to stop by Affinity will find much to love and interest them, too. There’s just so much to share, and there never seems to be enough time. In over a year, I haven’t found time to share one thing from The Public Domain Review, one of my favourite places to get lost. Here’s a small sample of why I like to get lost there:

Gynecological Gymnastics from Outer Space. (1895)

Aratea: Making Pictures with Words in the 9th Century.

Geographical Fun: Being Humourous Outlines of Various Countries. (1868)

So, starting tomorrow, Fridays will simply be mostly fun, sometimes serious, and I hope, always informative.

Have A Happy.

As I write, it’s Monday afternoon, and I’m tired, beyond grouchy, and in too much pain. So, I hope everyone has a happy whatever you want to call it this Tuesday, and if it isn’t a holiday where you are, I hope you have a happy day, afternoon, or evening too. Me, I’m taking the day off.  I might show up some time today, I might not, but I’ll definitely be back on Odin’s Day, and hopefully, be feeling a bit more human.

One thing which would be immensely cheering: books. I’m in one of those summer publisher’s deserts, awaiting many books starting late this month. I can’t cope without a teetering stack of books to read, electronic or paper. So, what have you all been reading?

Pain Poisons Everything.

Been having very high levels of pain lately, which also seeps out all over my attitude. Having to get up early to blog every day doesn’t help, because I’m a nocturnal sort. I don’t function well in the morning, and no matter how much sleep I get, it never feels enough because morning. So, outside of a couple scheduled things, Affinity will be slow starting Friday. All the regular stuff will show up, just later than normal, I’m giving my alarm clocks a day off.

If I Disappear…

You can blame the Evil Empire, aka Verizon. Trying to get net access has been extremely trying lately; I have to kill and reboot the wireless unit from 4 to 12 times in order to even have my connection show up, and even when it does, I keep getting kicked off, making blogging a right pain in the arse. There’s a tower down or summat like, and as Verizon doesn’t seem to be overly aware of rural users, it might be a while until it gets back to the normal level of truly crappy, overpriced ‘service.’

Anyroad, if I’m late getting started (like today), or gone entirely for a day, I’m fine, I’m just probably trying to walk off the desire to smash the wireless unit into tiny splinters.

Aaaaaaaaand, in line with this being a remarkably shitty day, just pulled a fucking godsdamned tick off my head.