Chemo Day…I Hope.

Harry Sieplinga via Getty Images.

So, I’m supposed to have my second infusion today. I’ve been pushed back so far, I’m back to the beginning again, so it’s eight cycles, not seven. The “I hope” is because I have to be in same day surgery first, to have Grimhild irrigated, and I got a feeling…well, if I am imprisoned again, I’ll be prepared. I’ll have my artwork, packed duffel, Hekate (spare computer), and I found and dusted off one of my little stealth cameras, my coolpix, um, I think it might be an S1 or summat. So, hopefully I’ll have everything I need…Just In Case.

Anyroad, I won’t be around all day, because I probably won’t get out of chemo until around 4pm, and if it’s possible, and if I don’t feel like death, we’re gonna Black Panther!


  1. jazzlet says

    Hope you get the chemo, though ass Giliell said it’s odd to be wanting you to get poisoned. Also hope you feel well enough to see Black Panther, it sounds like a film to raise the spirits.

  2. jimb says

    Hopefully chemo day goes as planned and you make it Black Panther (Son saw it on Mon, I need to find some time….)

  3. says

    Just got home. Today went okay; I got the date on the surgery wrong, it’s next Wed., so I’ll be in next Tuesday and Wednesday, for pain management and irrigation.

    I was finally okayed for chemo, so one small yay there. It’s been cut back a bit, and I’m receiving hydration first, so hopefully that will help. Liver is fine now; both my oncologist and trial researcher think it was a combination of the acetaminophen and chemo that did for my liver enzymes, so hopefully, two weeks from now everything will be good enough to carry on. They did forget to call in my dexamethasone, so here’s hoping I don’t get nauseous.

    Unfortunately, no Black Panther tonight, we got out so late, still had shopping, and the drive home, so we would have gotten home very late, and Rick has to be up by 4am for the drive to work. We’ve slated Monday for movie night.


    Funny thing when you hope your friend is well enough to get poisoned…

    Yeah, but…no one wants that more than I do. The very first thing you want, even before you start, is to be DONE. It’s about all you do think about “one more cycle, one more closer to done.” About all that gets you through, really.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    Hekate. Tehehee! I love when something takes me back to The Theogony. I’m glad things went well. I’m trying to finish up in the office. (I missed our Indivisible meeting. I hope there’s some pizza left.)

  5. kestrel says

    Sounds like a busy week next week; may this week continue to go well. Really glad you are finally able to mark things off. Hooray for being closer to being done with this mess.

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