Jack’s Walk

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Jack and I went to the park this morning, and we found the place overrun with Canada Geese. There was a flotilla in the pond and another regiment lining its banks, and all through the park, they covered the grass, doing a slow nibble-walk and poop without looking up. There were more of them in the round-about crossing from one side to another in an even slower, flappy-footed, silly-walk that stopped traffic in all directions. Jack was mesmerized by them. He sat quietly at my side and watched the parade, and after the last goose had passed us by, he took a hop-step forward and let loose a small, happy woof and laughed. “That was great fun. When’s the next show?”


  1. StevoR says


    Feathery but no goose. (Canadian or otherwise.)

    Leafy but dunno what plant.

    Strange but somehow just so soothing and nice in the very best sense of that word as well. Little intricate details.


  2. StevoR says

    PS. Also Jack was excited and saw interesting animals -- lots of them even -- but didn’t bark .. :-0

    Good dog Jack!

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