A Lawyer Talks About Lafayette Square Gassing

I have never seen LegalEagle lose his cool on camera, although I did not watch all his videos.

I have also never expected to live through a deadly pandemic and USA coming apart at the seams at the same time.

Life is full of surprises. To all our USA readers – please stay safe. Our hearts are with you, although we cannot do anything to help.


  1. lumipuna says

    Just today, a crowd of 3,000 gathered to protest in solidarity for Black lives in Helsinki. The police had to disperse the crowd because it was in violation of current social distancing orders. So they started by talking with the event organizers and persuading them to send everyone home. That worked, although it took some time, and the people briefly formed smaller spontaneous gatherings while wandering away.

  2. John Morales says

    Agreed. I have watched many of his videos, and I’ve never seen him so emotional.

  3. says

    I love how Americans are cracking up and completely shocked at this happening “on American soil” when it’s exactly what the US have been doing abroad for ages and have supported abroad for ages.
    I’m not trying to blame the dude here, but it seems like lots of “liberals” really had their head stuck up firmly in their own asses of American exceptionalism that they really never thought that they, too, could become the target of the US government.

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