Jack’s Walk


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Jack is a very social dog, and he likes to stop and talk to people when we’re out strolling around the neighbourhood. He has his own fan club of high school students who call out his name and run to see him as we advance up the street. It’s the reason we take our neighbourhood walk at 12:30. Jack loves the adoration. After the high school, we usually see Nick out on his porch having a smoke. Then we often meet Leo, who is Jack’s best friend, and his person Kevin.
Today, we met no one. Not a single teenager was standing on the corner, smoking or vaping. Jack didn’t want to go on. He kept dawdling, looking longingly toward the front door of the school Hoping, that someone would come out to say hi. But, no one did. Poor Bubba.
Nick wasn’t out smoking, either. Nor was Leo out in the yard. Bubba dawdled at their houses, too, to no avail.
He was a bit mopey when we got home, so I played a few rounds of Let’s Chase Pig-Pig, which is a ridiculous game that involves a rubber pig that honks like an angry goose. It’s totally silly, and it wasn’t long before Jack was his usual cheerful self. Tomorrow morning I’ll arrange a play date with Leo. And in the afternoon we’ll visit Bambi and Bailey, 2 small white Lhasa apso, miniature poodle crosses who live with one of my friends. Jack needs a social life and I guess it’s down to me to take care of that.

Note to self: Winter fun requires more planning and less serendipity.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Lovely colours on the leaves.

    Us social animals need some sort of social life, so I’ve noticed. I’ve been busy with a literature review writing type of task, which I’m not very fond of plus other, more interesting stuff (simulation, control engineering, automation programming), so my socializing has been with my fellow students, mostly just serious business.

  2. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer,
    It sounds like the university is keeping you very busy. I hope you get a break over the holidays -- at least a bit of time to destress and do some enjoyable, relaxed and pleasant socializing. Maybe a bit of sauna and a swim and a few long walks.

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