A Marcus Solution for Ronja and Other Hairy Beasts


The Marcus Tactical Dog Brush

A few weeks back, Jack and I received a very special gift from Marcus. It’s a dog brush, but not just any dog brush. This little gizmo is the most practical dog grooming tool that we’ve ever used and it has a few little secrets that I hope Marcus won’t mind my sharing. I suppose the best part is the actual grooming surface which is very simply a hacksaw blade. It’s amazing. It pulls out hairs that are still only thinking about coming out and it never clogs. The hair just flies out in a big cloud and I don’t have to stop and de-clog the thing which means that I can keep going as long as my arm holds out and Jack doesn’t have a chance to get restless and wander away. It works so well that it’s an outdoor tool only at our house. I used it inside the first time we tried it and it took days to vacuum up all the hair it set loose. The hacksaw blade also makes the tool useful for lots of other situations such as an unexpected need to escape or sever an artery (hopefully not your own) and I think it’s accurate to call it a “tactical dog brush.”

It’s also a damned good scratcher for an itchy dog. Jack has seasonal allergies and some days his tablets don’t control the itch as well as others. If I see Jack scratching a lot we grab the Marcus tool and out we go for a few passes that send Jack into fits of pleasure. He leans into it, dances from one back foot to the other and gets this sweet, goofy grin that makes me happy, too.

The other good bits of the tool might be harder to replicate. Marcus has taken a beautiful piece of maple shaped it and cut a slot with his bandsaw for the blade. Then he carved a perfect hand-hold groove on the backside. The wood was then smoothed to perfection by the artist and resin impregnated for durability. It’s a joy to hold and sometimes I find myself just stroking the thing because I’m tactile and I like the way it feels. It was then fitted with a perfect silver ‘J’ and sent to Jack.

I’m pretty sure there are easier ways to make a hacksaw into a dog grooming tool, but there are certainly no better ways to do it. Thanks again, Marcus.


  1. rq says

    I was beaten to my comment. If not black, at least camo? :D I’d love to try this on Ronja, but she’s long-haired, I don’t know if that would make a difference. Still, I’m jealous!

  2. Jazzlet says

    It’s beautiful, glad Jack likes it too, findng a brush that works and that they like is hard.

    I have a pale imitation, designed for removing dog hair from carpets, it works well, and you get a hell of a work out in the process. We got it to try and avoid the ‘extra cleaning’ charge in the days when we didn’t hae a car, but did have Jazz. Her hair did that weaving itself into fabric thing that dog and cat hair is so good at. In the end we decided it was so much work it was worth paying the extra to have them do it. I’d not thought to try it directly on the dogs. But I will now …

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