Spring Greetings

It was Easter weekend and summertime weather (though next week says some frost is in the books, so…) and someone came to say hi!

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The reveal is below the fold.

What a cutie!

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© rq, all rights reserved.

Everyone say hi! (Actually, there was some web-weaving going on, or maybe some spell-casting, I asked but received no answer…) © rq, all rights reserved.

Here’s a classic:


  1. voyager says

    This music reminds me a bit of Kate Bush. The singer has a really powerful, clear voice. You can hear her holding back in spots and then she hits you a perfectly pitched high note that send shivers down your spine.

  2. says

    If my amateur eyes don’t deceive me, that is a Salticid of some kind. Male. In which case probably not weaving a web as they’re jumping hunters. They have all kinds of interesting wave-the-front-legs gestures though.

    I like Salticids. They’re one of the only tiny arthropods that can see humans as creatures instead of really active landscape. Makes me feel bad for them occasionally, because you can make eye contact with them, and how TERRIFYING must that be? Imagine, say, Mount Fuji leaning over and making eye contact with you, personally…

  3. rq says

    She is Ieva Akurātere, I suppose you could say in some ways she is the Latvian Celine Dion, although different genre -- she’s best-known for being a vocalist with the rock band Pērkons (“Thunder”) and also has some very good acoustic solo stuff. She is still very much an icon of the Latvian music scene, her voice might have changed a bit but she still hits all the high ones -- with verve and panache and a whole lot of enjoyment. I’ve seen her live, that voice has power.
    (Incidentally, I don’t know what’s up with the photos -- I know they’re smaller than usual, but all my previews looked fine, so I don’t understand why they’re so grainy upon publication…)

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