Just for PZ (and assorted arachnophiles)

Lasz week I came up the stairs from the cellar and look what I found!

I have no clue what species this is, apart from “fucking big”, as it is about two inches across. I took some pics and then carefully relocated it to where it was less likely to lead to demands of “immediate violent death” from other people.

In case you’re wondering the strange surface, the previous owners glued carpet scraps to the stairs. If there’s a hell for bad DIY, the dude is going to spend eternity scraping glue off things. Pics below the fold.

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Lab Spider

It’s a perfectly posed arachnid from Avalus who says,

This spider found herself caught in glassware one morning in our lab. I contained it with a glass funnel to take the photo and released it.

I’ll bet that spider tells the story of this adventure at all the spider gatherings. Not everyone will believe her.

The photo is below the fold

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Tiny Spiders

It’s been a while since we’ve had a spider posting, but Nightjar has brought us some dandy shots to make sure we stay current.

Tiny spiders seem to be about as busy as I am this spring, the few times I’ve gone out with the camera I’ve come across one or two doing spidery things. Here’s a selection from the past few weeks!

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A Spider Puzzle

Avalus has sent us a puzzle today. Somewhere in this photo there’s a spider. Since the spider is hard to find  I’m going to put the photo on the front page. If you’re arachnophobic please skip past this post, but if you’re not can you find the spider? The answer is below the fold. (click for full size)

Where is the Spider? ©Avalus, all rights reserved

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We haven’t had a spider in a while…

Nightjar has sent some wonderful photos of a wee little spider which you will find below the fold.

This month I haven’t been able to go out with the camera much, but today while gardening I came across this tiny flower spider on an African Daisy and immediately thought I had to share it. Later in the day I checked back on it and it had already managed to catch a little fly! Sadly I couldn’t take a photo because by then there wasn’t enough light available to photograph such a tiny subject with my gear. I will surely keep an eye on it from now on!

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A Spider Drops in to Visit

At some point Affinity became the go-to place for spiders and Nightjar continues this tradition with a wonderful set of photos taken at dusk.

I’ve noticed a lack of spiders on Affinity lately and since there is one currently living right in front of my bedroom window I thought I would share. I’ve only seen it after sunset, I think it’s one of those spiders that only sit in the middle of the web at night. I got home late today, saw it and went inside to grab the camera to get some silhouette shots against the evening sky, but the light faded too quickly and I had to resort to using the flash for a few more photos. The flash really brings out all those hairy and spidery details, making the last photos particularly unsafe for arachnophobes I think.

All photos are posted under the fold.

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