Jack’s Walk

Trout Lilies ©voyager, all rights reserved

Bloodroot ©voyager, all rights reserved

Yesterday was about as perfect as a spring day can get. It was full of sunshine, the air was warm and a gentle breeze whispered through the budding trees. Jack and I took a long leisurely walk through our little forest and marveled at all the new life since our last visit. The trout lilies are sprouting all over the place, making the most of the spring light before it vanishes behind the burgeoning leaves. The mayapples and false Solomon’s seal have poked their heads up and a few trilliums have appeared here and there.

I’m talking about yesterday because today is not a nice day around here. It’s overcast, cold and threatening rain. Jack and I haven’t even gone for our walk yet, but I won’t complain because at least we don’t have snow, which they do out west. We are also not underwater which they are to the east. I’m living in a goldilocks zone and a bit of cold and damp is hardly worth mentioning. I hope none of you are living in the flooded area around Ottawa and Montreal and if you’re in an area still dealing with snow you have my sympathy.

You may notice that Jack’s Walk is posted later than usual today and that’s on purpose. Most things on the blog get posted earlier in the day (New York time) and because we have readers all over the world I’m trying to space things out a bit. Jack’s Walk will now get posted later in the afternoon. I’m always open to feedback, though, so let me know what you think.



  1. Jazzlet says

    Pretty flower with an ominous name.

    I don’t mind when you post Jack’s Walk, I don’t have a specific time I look at Affinity.

  2. rq says

    I try to schedule my posts around the posts already scheduled, even though I know other posts are more spontaneous -- I can always post later in the day, if you want to post Jack’s Walk earlier.

    Re: the post itself, trout lilies really bring the feeling of spring for me -- they remind me of Canada, and I loved them as a child, though they had the disappointing feature of wilting before they could get into water. My mum always said it was because wildflowers were never meant for decorating a house, so they should be enjoyed out in the woods, where they belong.

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