Jack’s Walk

A new leaf among the old. ©voyager, all rights reserved

After many weeks of hitting the snooze button our little forest has finally decided to wake up. Everywhere you look things are growing.  The trout lilies are putting up leaves all over the place and I saw one or two trilliums from afar. I wanted to get closer, but the ground was a bit too muddy to wander off the path. I also didn’t want to trample any young, tender shoots still hidden in the leaf litter. The trilliums looked to be a few days away from blooming so I’ll go back on Wednesday or Thursday to see what’s what. Usually the first trilliums to appear are the red ones and they’re my favorite variety. I’ve been chasing the perfect  red trillium photo for years, but the so far it’s eluded me. The red trilliums are wickedly difficult to photograph because the plant is short and the flowers point downwards so you need to get underneath the plant and shoot up. Not such an easy trick for an old dog like me. Someone suggested I use a mirror and I’m going to try that, but if it doesn’t work I’ll do the belly crawl a few times. I have a good feeling that this is the year I’ll finally get that photo.

Mystery plants. ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. rq says

    The mystery plants are either some kind of allium or lily-of-the-valley, though I’d vote for the second. They make nice coverings in shady areas of forests, and they smell wonderful, too.
    re: the first photo, all I can say is TROUT LILY!!!

  2. Jazzlet says

    If the mystery plants smelled of garlic, then I’d say ramsons or wild garlic, they have white flower heads a bit like chives, but not so dense. If they don’t I’d agree lily of the valley are likely.

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