Jack’s Walk

Cedar Creek. Looks nice, but smells bad ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack is a water dog by nature. He’s happiest when his feet are wet and I usually don’t mind if he takes a dip when we’re out. Today, though, he dipped into the creek at our local park and came out smelling like a sewer. The smell was so bad that I was gagging while trying to dry him off. Shit. Literally. He smelled like shit and then he started rubbing up against me to dry himself off.

So now I have a situation on my hands. I can’t take him home like that, I don’t have more towels and now I smell like a sewer too. Also, we’d only been in the park for a few minutes and Jack was still full of energy and not ready to leave. It took 2 cookies to get him into the car and he was dramatically mopey about it, grumbling as he went to sit on his bed in the back. Now the smell is concentrated inside the car and it’s me who doesn’t want to get in, but I do even though no-one offered me a cookie. I need clean water and there’s no choice but to drive there. Thankfully, it’s a short drive because even with all the windows down and a stiff north wind blowing through the smell drifted past me in waves. I think I caught notes of decomposition and fish in the aroma. We finally arrive at park #2 where there is a small fowl and foul free pond and Jack was a good boy and jumped right in. We stayed for about half an hour and Jack spent most of that time in the water. He came out smelling like a normal wet dog and he was so tired he got into the car with no fuss. The dog bed will need a wash and I took my clothes right down to the laundry, but that’s not a bad deal for so much dog happiness.

Foul Free and having fun ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. says

    Sounds like someone’s septic tank leaked into tur creek?

    With how sensitive dog noses are, I am endlessly amazed by what they find “interesting” smelling.

  2. avalus says

    I wonder why water dogs seem to like the stinky waters so much. Our neighbours dog is the very same and she is always sooo disappointed when she does not get petted by anyone after a “refreshing” bath in the local duck pond.

  3. Jazzlet says

    Happy Jack!

    Penny our spinger spaniel was awful for rolling in smelly things, so bad that we came to recognise the smell of the shit produced by different animals, sheep, cow, fox, badger, human in ascending strength and nastiness. Jake is content with smelly water, though just as happy to go in clean water, and Thorn is a princess, so insists her watter doesn’t smell, though it can be muddy.

  4. springa73 says

    Glad you were able to get to a clean body of water quickly! Poor Jack probably didn’t understand what all the fuss and moving was about.

    Dogs clearly aren’t revolted by the same kinds of smells that humans are. Our family had a beagle when I was growing up, and she was fascinated by poop of all kinds, dead animals, etc., sniffing them as if they were fine perfume, and then sometimes rolling around in them if we weren’t there to stop her!

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