Spring Flowers

It’s that wonderful time of year when flowers start bursting out everywhere. Even in the sidewalks. Just ask Avalus.

Some tiny flowers, which are growing in the space between the plates of the walkway in front of my department. I wonder what insect visits them? The flowers are about 4 mm across. I got funny looks (again) by people passing by, while I was half prone on the walkway to get the pictures. Well, their loss for not noticing these tiny treasures.

©Avalus, all rights reserved

©Avalus, all rights reserved


  1. rq says

    Oh those are tiny! They’re probably visited by early dipterans, like gnats or something. Or maybe ants, considering their location.
    And if people gave you dirty looks for these photos, well, just means they prize their dignity more than their curiosity, a sad state of affairs. Thank you!

  2. avalus says

    My first thought was “Is that snow?
    *bends down*
    Blimy it’s tiny flowers!
    @rq: Nah, the people gave me confused rather than dirty looks. It was really cold and everyone was near running to get out of the icy searing wind. And I got my knees rather dirty, but with labclothes thats not the problem,

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