Jack’s Walk

Is that snow smiling at me? ©voyager, all rights reserved

Today Jack and I went to the non-beaver side of the river. We haven’t come here very often this winter and I thought the change might help overcome the ennui that’s set in. Jack certainly enjoyed himself, but he didn’t want to go swimming. That’s probably a normal attitude for a dog in winter, but Jack has always loved cold water swimming. I’ve seen him floating down the river surrounded by ice with a look of pure bliss on his face. Not this year, though. Thinking back, he’s only gone in the water once or twice and not for very long. I’ve noticed changes at home, too. Jack sits by the fire more often and he’s started worming his way under the covers in bed. I know it’s his age. He’s 11 now and entering his senior years and like most old people he doesn’t run as hot. He still enjoys the snow, though, and I hope that never changes. It’s Jack who taught me to see the beauty of winter and the pleasure of snow and today his antics  helped me find something to smile about. Take that ennui!

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