Macedonia 9.2 – Skopje at Night v2

So, I did go out! I made new colleague-friends and took some time for quiet walking around the city, and yes, I took some photos!

Christmas isn’t as big a deal here as elsewhere in Europe (because most of the christian population is orthodox, and the muslim population obviously doesn’t celebrate as such), but the one thing that is a big deal here? Lights! Strings of lights! Everywhere, and in large amounts. To the point where walking down some of the pedestrian streets feels like walking through a galaxy though not like us, out on the edge of the Milky Way, but in a far more densely starred area. You’d think it would be garish, but it is quite lovely.

This is one of the lesser lit streets…
©rq, all rights reserved.

Look up! Even the moon is overshadowed (overlit?).
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This was one of the most brightly lit bridges I have ever seen. Please excuse that brown rectangle. GDPR.
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Looking down towards the main square – it is not a flying cross, but weather conditions made it appear to be.
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Most places in the old market were closed, but lookit all those EU umbrellas.
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Crossing the Vardar back to the main square with its giant red-lit tree.
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This week has been intense and interesting and I have been playing a lot of my angry music to take the edge off the nerves, but here’s a quieter one from my favourites:

And speaking of favourites, I have a favourite doorway again:

©rq, all rights reserved.

And! A favourite window:

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I hope this posts as it should, my last few posts missed their scheduled appearance, but I will be keeping an eye on this.


  1. kestrel says

    How amazing to walk through streets as lit up and beautiful as that. Also, your favorite window is stunning. I like the door too, but the window is my favorite.

  2. Nightjar says

    That bridge has so much light I didn’t see the statues at first. They look quite interesting too.

  3. voyager says

    I love strings of white lights. They make a place so romantic and welcoming. That must have been a wonderful walk.

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