Wot Lives in the Goldenrod

rq has sent us a little series about various flowers and their residents. First one is goldenrod, and it looks like  Solidago canadensis, which is quite common throughout Europe. Sadly this beautiful plant is not only strong allergen in the late summer, here it is also an invasive weed that is damaging the environment by outcompeting local species and creating essentialy monocultures in places.

But enough with being a killjoy – they are beautiful and that is important here and now.

©rq, all rights reserved, click for full size.


  1. Nightjar says

    Beautiful shots, rq! I’m generally not afraid of wasps, but that second photo had me pulling away from the screen. Then I leaned over again to see what on earth that critter in the third photo is. Although in the end it was the last one that had me staring for a long time. So gorgeous.

    I look forward to this series!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The first critter is dapper.

    In the second, yeah, it’s like looking down a barrel of a gun that’s slung on somebody’s shoulder.

    The third critter is a wonderful, cartoonish character.

    The light in the last and the way things are on and off focus are gorgeous.

  3. rq says

    Thank you, everyone! I have no idea what the third beastie is myself, but I loved it for its fluffy nose. I was most thrilled capturing the fly, though -- they’re fast and unpredictable, but this one was occupied with slurping out as much nectar goodness as possible.

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