1. Ice Swimmer says

    Boats to islands Särkkä (the walled island in the left) and Harakka (not visible, but it’d be to the right in the picture) leave from this place. You pull up the white call sign on top of the pole (it’s a bit hard to see in these pictures) with a rope and the boat will come according to the posted schedule to take you to your destination.

    I’m not sure if these terns were engaged in courtship. AFAIK, the way terns do it is that the male tern will catch a fish and give it to the female after she’s chased for him a bit in the air and asked for the fish.

  2. rq says

    Does she have to say ‘please’? It’s a beautiful location to wait for your boat. Like looking into the future.

  3. Nightjar says

    Even without the terns these would be wonderful photos. I love those soothing tones in the sky and how they reflect in the water. But of course the lovely terns make everything so much better. :)

  4. DavidinOz says

    Said Baby Tern to Mother Tern
    “Can I have a brother?”
    Said Mother Tern to Baby Tern
    “Yes, one good tern deserves another”

    Spike Milligan

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, Nightjar.

    rq @ 5

    It seems more people go there just to sit and spend time than to actually wait for the boat.

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