1. voyager says

    Wow! Those colours are gorgeous. The second shot feels almost water-like the way you’ve framed the lights and the darks.
    it’s the quiet moonshots that speak to me though.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Gorgeous. The colours wake up the emotions and the shapes send the imagination racing.

  3. says

    Thank you all! I was barely in time, rushed upstairs to get the big lens on, then back out and halfway across the parking lot. By the time I was taking the last shot, all the clouds had swept past the moon, leaving it in an empty sky.

    Lofty, nice sharing a moon with you. :D

  4. jimb says

    Love the shots of the moon!

    (Reminding me I need to get the telescope out for some more viewing.)

  5. rq says

    I can’t get over how crisp the moon is, the sharp crater edges against the softness of the sky.

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