Jack’s Walk

It’s a hot day here so Jack and I went for a slow walk around the shaded pond at the park. We haven’t been here for a while because I’ve been avoiding the swans. They were incubating 3 eggs on the pond’s little island, but the last few times I was here both adults were off the nest and swimming together with no babies in sight. I was feeling sad that none of the babies made it, but I was wrong! There is one cygnet and I found him today with his proud and protective mama.

Proud mama and her cygnet

Feeding together

We also checked on the goslings who are now big, goofy teenagers. The area where they nest also has some younger babies, including one who looked freshly hatched.

Babies of all ages, even a newborn (bottom right)

The goslings are teenagers

Teenagers getting ready to shed their fluff
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  1. rq says

    Teenaged geese are hilarious.
    The wee little one, though -- I hope it grows up enough to migrate well in the fall!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Lovely pictures.

    Look at the cygnet in the first, managing the body temperature with one foot on top of the tail.

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