The Daily Bird #673

I’m posting the daily bird today because it’s a Russian bird who’s name is Jack. Well, I’m not really sure his name is Jack, but I was told he is a Jackdaw. He and his amigos were pretty bold about begging and stealing food while we were docked at the Moscow Canal.


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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    A fine, sunny picture. I wonder if the jackdaw was a bit careful in its moves so as not to slip from the railing.

    Jackdaws are closely related to to crows, but smaller, about the same length as or a bit longer than domestic pigeons, but slimmer and significantly lighter. Here their stereotypical nesting place is a church steeple.

  2. StevoR says

    Reminds me a lot of the Australian raven(s)* that visit my yard to pick over the bones left out for my dog. Very cool critters and good photo.

    * Which, in my case, I think & gather are actually Little Ravens (Corvus mellori) :

    Rather than Australian Ravens (C. coronoides) as I once probably mistakenly thought. The species are extremely similar indeed and very hard to tell apart -- only separated in the late 1960’s -- but been told by an expert that almost all the local ones are actually C. mellori and that C. coronides are rarely if ever seen in the area where I live so, yeah. Either way, great birds and always glad to see them at my place even if my dog feels differently! (She doesn’t miss out!)

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