Youtube Videos: European and Japanese Armor Mobility

Two short videos comparing two different types of medieval armor from practical point of view. One by an enthusiast owning a medieval armour replica in European style, and one by an enthusiast owning a medieval armour replica in Japanese style. Both armors were made specifically for these individuals, so they are fitted as well as they should be.

A lot of the things I learned in school about medieval armor and swords was evidently completely wrong. Like that armor restricted movement so much that it was impossible to move quickly, or that swords in Europe were blunt metal bars out of poor quality steel.


  1. says

    This makes me nostalgic for the old History Channel. They had a great series about arms and armor through the ages called Arms in Action. I learned what a tang is, among other things.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Thank you so much, Charly.
    These guys are *impressively* well-informed in many of those tiny details that seldom make it into the peer-reviewed journals.

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    They both have excellent other videos, but should you decide to watch them be prepared that Metatron has some crigneworthy moments re. feminism.

    I think that “Comparison of mobility in different types of medieval armor” would be a great PhD thesis in history.

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