Sperm! Everywhere Sperm!

Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of President Obama.

The right wing lunatic fringe is going nuts over the portrait of President Obama. They seem to see sperm everywhere. And all other manner of evil. Don’t see it m’self.

…Corsi was online yesterday when the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were released, and like so manyothers on the Right, he saw something nefarious in the paintings, asserting that the foliage and flowers in Barack Obama’s portrait were a symbol of “the pedophilia that they’re engaging in.”

“That is one of the weirdest presidential portraits I have ever seen,” Corsi said. “It’s a bizarre picture.”

“It’s a reference to the loss of virginity in terms of a physical sense,” he added. “It’s a very physical reference to loss of virginity … This whole elite globalist pedophilia is a major theme that Q continues to remind us underlies a lot of these globalists that we are dealing with. The fact that they are sitting on flowers and the deflowering could be easily an image of the pedophilia that they’re engaging in or the slavery pedophilia, you know, tend your gardens everybody, their slave gardens.”

Oh, now it’s “slavery pedophilia”. What the fuck? Do these people just sit around and do nothing all day except come up with this garbage? What a way to spend your life. Ugh.

Alex Jones, contributing to the second phase of the ongoing right-wing smear campaign against the artist who painted Barack Obama’s presidential portrait, claimed that the artist purposefully painted an image of sperm on Obama’s face to fulfill part of a globalist agenda to “have everything be a ritual of abomination.”

Today on Infowars, Jones claimed the artist Kehinde Wiley, who was hired to paint Obama, “is obsessed with sperm” and that “all of his paintings have sperm swimming all over everything.” For some reason, Jones also felt the need to clarify that the alleged sperm shape in question was a “GMO sperm” that was “fully formed.”

“You say, ‘But, it doesn’t make sense, it’s so degenerate.’ It’s a religion of degeneracy. It’s what globalism is. It’s what Satanism is,” Jones said. “So there you go, President Obama covered in sperm in new national portrait, and it’s all part of the joke in your face, because they don’t want upright strength. They want to have everything be a ritual of abomination.”

President Obama is covered in sperm. Uh huh. I think perhaps it’s someone other than Wiley who’s a tad obsessed with sperm, Mr. Jones.

You can read the full stories and more, at RWW: Corsi, Jones.


  1. says

    Yeah, and it’s seriously creepy projection, too. There’s a great deal of “the black men are comin’ for the white women” there, and worse.

    The cultural concepts surrounding virginity are complete bullshit.

  2. sillybill says

    How long did they go over the picture, looking for something that looks like a sperm cell? Is that how it started, actively looking for spermlike images because of the artist, or just looking, looking, for something, anything? Someone has an empty life.

  3. says


    Tom Lehrer is still right. When correctly viewed, everything is lewd.

    Yep! And it doesn’t have to mean a darn thing, either.

  4. avalus says

    This is so stupid. Empty cranium? No, it is surely filled with sperm!
    (I wonder what they think about spermwhales …)

  5. rq says

    Well I know an artist who hides female genitalia in his art and it is wonderful (went to high school with him, he did the same then). So there might be sperm. So? Wonderful! I’m gonna hide an ovum in the next official portrait I’m commissioned to do. Which might be never, but hey. I have goals.
    Also I think the portraits are awesome and the haters can go fuck themselves.

  6. rq says

    Also technically we’re all covered in sperm because we came from sperm. No virgin birth here! (Sorry. I’m celebrating the end of hell because the final exam was today and the rest is just paperwork. Also I have to give a graduation speech because everyone else was chicken.)

  7. jazzlet says

    It definitely says more about what is in their minds than what is in the picture, what horrible minds to be in.

  8. Raucous Indignation says

    I thought you were talking about the … well, never mind. I read the post, and you weren’t talking about that.

  9. vucodlak says

    I spent the last couple of years of my high school career in a very small, and very conservative, religious school. We didn’t have anything like sex-ed classes, and we were carefully policed on what we could say/read/do. So, naturally, we talked about sex nonstop. More so I suspect than teenagers who are not so tightly leashed.

    There was one guy, however, who didn’t participate in this talk at all. He wasn’t a snitch about it or anything; he as just a quiet, well-behaved guy who wasn’t interested talking about in sex or participating in our little rebellions. Then one morning, during chapel, he leans over to a group of us and says, in a breathy whisper, “Sperm.”

    We managed to keep it together for maybe two seconds before we lost it. It was just so completely off-the-wall and out-of-character. Just out the blue, from the quietest person we knew, in the middle of the solemn (i.e. boring) early morning chapel service when we’re all wishing we were still in bed: “Sperm.” I don’t remember what lies we told to explain our laughter, but they must have been doozies, because none of us was punished.

    I think about that story every time I encounter the word “sperm.” I never thought I’d live to see the day where I’d encounter a more absurd use, but here we are.

  10. Onamission5 says

    Ok, so, if I have my white supremacist whackadoodle to English dictionary calibrated properly, I’m supposed to look at a painting of our last president sitting in front of a rose arbor and rather than see an ex president sitting in front of a rose arbor, I’m supposed to be terrified that liberal, effeminate black men and GMO’s are coming for my precious under aged white daughters because of Satanism-Jew-gay?

    That’s an awful lot to take away from a painting of 1 person, 1 chair, and some plants.

  11. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Sperm, sperm, everywhere is sperm
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my… uhh… perm?

  12. Patricia Phillips says

    Hm. I don’t see any sperm. But based on the totally bizarre ramblings of Corsi…has he been snorting bath salts??

  13. Ice Swimmer says

    I think one would be covered in spit if one were to sit in front of Alex Jones unless he has a dry mouth. I wouldn’t like to be anywhere near that guy.

    They really have to dig deep to find outrageous enough bullshit.

    I think the most “radical” thing in the portrait is the absence of a tie.

  14. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    I think the most “radical” thing in the portrait is the absence of a tie.

    I agree, and I really like that, too.

  15. says

    rq, my brains hurt from reading that. Why do conspiracy theorsits even think that if 9/11 was an inside job that Obama would let put clues to that in his portrait????????? They know he was not a president at the time, do they? This is just ridiculous. Human propensity to pattern seeking gone over the board and into lalaland.

    There are true and real conspiracies -- watergate was one -- but people commiting them DO! NOT! PUT! INTENTIONAL! CLUES! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

    Seven exclamation marks. A true sign of insanity. My brains hurt.

    Aside from that I thought it is a lovely portrait fitting the man and his persona perfectly and I would be very hard pressed to try and find anything “odd” about it. True, the artist has a very distinctive style, but most artists worth their salt do. I did not even notice the absence of a tie, because I simply do not notice such things. Ties are not important. People are important.

  16. lumipuna says

    I just remembered an old joke about a psychiatrist assessing a patient with a series of Rorschach blots.

    The patient describes every blot as depicting the most disgusting sexual acts imaginable. In the end, he concludes that the psychiatrist must be a sexual pervert because why else would they want to use such images?

  17. rq says

    I thought it was pretty good satire. The author is a regular with the Toronto Star, he’s pretty good at taking things across the line. Funny thing is, every conspiracy theory he mentions, I wanted to go up and search the portrait to see if it was true!

    people commiting [conspiracies] DO! NOT! PUT! INTENTIONAL! CLUES! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

    Well, you can’t very well expect them to communicate openly, eh? :D

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