The Tiny Tyrant, Disavowed.

Oh, poor li’l Donny, no church wants to own his decidedly not christian arse. The Tiny Tyrant has been disavowed.

A new CNN report on President Donald Trump’s fraught relationship to Christianity reveals that not only is the president unwelcome in his childhood church in Queens, but that the son of the last religious leader he was close to has publicly renounced him.

According to the report by journalist MJ Lee, the evolution of Trump’s quasi-Christianity took him from First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, where he was raised and confirmed, to Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.

Although Trump was close to Marble’s former reverend and author of the bestselling self-help book “Power of Positive Thinking” Norman Vincent Peale, the late pastor’s son has publicly rebuked the president. Prior to the election, Peale’s son John said he “cringes” when Trump invoked his father’s name on the campaign trail.

“I don’t respect Mr. Trump very much. I don’t take him very seriously. I regret the publicity of the connection,” Peale’s son wrote. “This is a problem for the Peale family.”

The Peale family weren’t the only ones to distance themselves from Trump — during the campaign, Marble Collegiate issued a statement rejecting Trump’s claims that he attends their church and stated he “is not an active member.”

Though the Trump family is reportedly church-less, the president enjoys touting the religiosity of his supporters.

Looks like the list of people who have no use at all for the Tiny Tyrant is growing by leaps and bounds. Full article at Raw Story.

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