Word Wednesday.



1. Circuit, compass.

2. The bounds or limits of a place or district.

3. A sphere of action, expression, or influence: scope.

[Origin: Middle English, from Latin ambitus, from ambire.]


“And you do not?” Andso said, straightening. The captain was edging into blasphemy, and that, at least, was in the priest’s ambit. “Do you doubt the Bishopry, Captain?” – The God Engines, John Scalzi.


  1. Czech American says

    If I may ask a question out of pure curiosity, have the words quoted from books come about because you first encountered them in the pages of these books?

  2. says

    No, it wouldn’t be a case where I was unacquainted with a word, that doesn’t happen often! :D However, certain words do strike me when reading, as interesting, not often used, or I want to learn more about their origin, or what particular context may be in play with a word.

    I have a nook tablet, and it has a nifty app which keeps all your look-ups, and the book you were reading at the time.

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