1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out this method — rain which freezes — can result in the best ice cheese, which, despite the name, has nothing to do with ice cream, other than being delicious. Most ice cheese these days is made starting with ice and then coating it with substances better suited to detonating noxious toilets. Ice cheeses grown in the more traditional freezing rain manner are quite expensive, and usually have a mild taste and fairly bland colouring; stronger taste (sometimes a real taste explosion) and more vivid colours hint at a fake or non-traditional ice cheese. Quite good with a pilsner-style beer, such as the original Pilsner Urquell.

  2. blf says

    It’s snowing again.

    I knew there was something dangerous about that stuff! Everyone keeps saying it snows snow, or if yer unlucky, peas, with occasional horsefalls known, but being pounded by agains can’t be nice.

    How do you fend the agains off? Sabre or perhaps a cutlass, suggests the mildly deranged penguin, but that seems a bit too energetic for me, not to mention also needing the proper pirate kit. And its hard to hold the mugs of grog.

    Also, of course, agains don’t hatch any ice cheeses.

    (This informed comment brought to you by siting too long in the warm sun watching the clam blue sea, with calm clams and properably other Tpyos offerings, drinking, well, not quite grog… but very grog-like…)

  3. blf says

    Fetch another cup of tea and go back to bed.

    This is why you keep waking up in alternative universes, usually on what passes for the floor in the local gravitational situation— The agains do their usual bedsnatching, tossing you out in the process into the hyperdimensional vortex they also use to transport away the bed. The alternative dimension you are currently in is easy to spot as being a transient fake since Trumps are in the White House. And not as wall-mounted taxidermic trophies.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    And this is beauty without the warm and fuzzy feeling.

    In the second the ice is reminiscent of melting/molten tin.

  5. blf says

    Apropos of essentially nothing, in @4 I mentioned the warm sun and clam-infested sea of yesterday… So today the remnants of an arctic front are moving it, it isn’t too warm or sunny, the forecast is for rain tonight and all of tomorrow, and the sea is still clam-infested but not at all calm.

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